Marko Simic’s Case Spreads to Local Players, APPI Is Outspoken

REPUBLIC OF BOBOTOH – Some time ago, Croatian striker Marko Simic surprisingly claimed that Persija Jakarta had not been paid his wages for a year.

However, a day later, it was the turn of the club management nicknamed the Kemayoran Tigers who opened their voices to respond.

The club denied the accusations and stated that they had paid salaries according to the PSSI Decree (SK) numbered SKEP/69/XI/2020.

Persija President Mohamad Prapanca, revealed that Persija had paid the salaries of foreign players in accordance with existing regulations.

Prapanca again said that Simic’s statement was completely untrue because Persija’s management also kept all the documentary evidence.

He also thought it was impossible for him to make the wrong decision, which would have an impact on endangering the club’s big name.

“What Marko Simic said is certainly not true. If you have read our official statement,” said Prapanca, quoted from

“That what we answer is in accordance with what we understand, know, and have the documents.”

“Persija was not a club yesterday afternoon. If I did something wrong, it could endanger the team’s big name. I don’t know what my fate will be,” he explained.

The feud between Simic and Persija has entered a new phase, because the player wants to take this matter to FIFA.

Related to this, the club president admitted that there was no problem, that Persija’s management was very ready to face the next process.

This situation then made the Indonesian Professional Footballers Association (APPI) also open its voice. According to them, the Marko Simic case could have been experienced by local players.

APPI said that there were a lot of salary disputes between players and clubs as a result of the PSSI decree, but they were not exposed. Unlike Marko Simic, or Alex Goncalves.

“Many local players are also dissatisfied when the club unilaterally cuts salaries by 10-25 percent. They reported to APPI, then APPI summoned the club,” said APPI Legal, Riza Hufaida during a discussion with PSSI Press on Twitter.

“When you can’t find it, continue to the NDRC. Many cases have arisen related to the PSSI SK. Not only foreigners, there are also many local players. There is still another Alex Alex, only the path is different. If local, go to NDRC,” he continued.

APPI considers the Marko Simic case to be a trigger for other players to voice their voices. However, Riza hopes that the player will settle first with his club.

“We at APPI always ask players to settle first with the club. Who knows, report to the manager so there is a meeting point,” he said.

“If there is none, we will send a letter, but confirm it first. Not immediately give a summons. Some answered, but many did not answer,” he concluded.**

Writer: Bobotoh Republic Team | Editor: Dadi M



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