Marilyn Monroe’s husband hated the famous “swooping” skirt scene after the performance

Marilyn Monroe’s husband hated the iconic Hollywood movie scene where her dress was blown up so much that he exploded in anger and attacked her, it was claimed.

Monroe married the baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, considered one of the best players to ever play the game, in 1954 following a whirlwind romance.

However, the marriage broke up and the couple separated only nine months later. And the star’s most famous scene is said to have played a part in their breakup.

Monroe was shooting a film adaptation of the Broadway hit The Seven Year Itch with Tom Ewell. It contained the scene where Monroe was standing on a subway grate with the wind from the trains below blowing his white skirt into the air.

A new Netflix documentary on Monroe has now shed new light on the scene and DiMaggio’s reaction.

The scene, shot with actor Tom Ewell, saw the film become a smash hit and put Monroe into pop culture folklore, but her husband disapproved.
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It was filmed in front of Manhattan’s Trans-Lux Theater on Lexington Avenue at 1:00 am with thousands of people watching it, reacting loudly every time her skirt swelled.

The scene made international front pages around the world and helped the film, released in June 1955, become one of the biggest commercial hits of the year.

Monroe also entered pop culture folklore.

Monroe married JoeDiMaggio in San Francisco in 1954

Monroe married JoeDiMaggio in San Francisco in 1954
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In The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes, Billy Wilder, director of Seven Year Itch, says, “Remember that famous shot? Do you remember the wind that lifts her skirt? Well, we were all ready to shoot that scene, you know.

“There were five and eventually 10,000 people. They were like, uh … and they were looking at Marilyn’s skirt. And… people were complaining from the sidelines and people were running for autographs.

“Joe DiMaggio was watching and he didn’t like it very much, his wife was putting on a show.” Marilyn’s hairdresser for the film, Gladys Whitten, says, “Yeah, Joe got really mad about it.”

When asked: “Really or was it just …”, she said “Really!” “They had a suite in a truly beautiful old hotel,” continues Gladys. “And he… hit her a little. Marilyn said she screamed and screamed for us. But we couldn’t hear it through those thick walls, you know. “

Marilyn Monroe was a world superstar

Marilyn Monroe was a world superstar
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Asked if she was livid or black-eyed, she said, “It was more on her shoulders. But with a little bit of makeup and all that she went on and she worked ”.

Previously, photographer George S. Zimbel had claimed that everything had turned into deadly silence when a disapproved DiMaggio rushed to the set and publicly left the scene.

There have also been reports of a couple having a slang encounter in the theater lobby afterwards.

Monroe later filed for divorce from the baseball player on grounds of “mental cruelty”. Announcing their separation, her lawyer described the relationship as a “career conflict”.

Monroe filed for divorce and DiMaggio was accused of being possessive, controlling and physically abusive towards him

Monroe filed for divorce and DiMaggio was accused of being possessive, controlling and physically abusive towards him
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Monroe died on August 4, 1962 at his Los Angeles home following an overdose of barbiturates. She was 36 years old. An investigation established his death as a “probable suicide”.

And despite a number of conspiracy theories surrounding her death, a review of the case by the Los Angeles County District Attorney in 1982 found no credible evidence that she was killed.

The documentary is based on over 600 unpublished interview tapes collected by author Anthony Summers for his book Goddes.

He claims the tapes revealed “information that completely changed what we thought we knew about his mysterious death” and suggests that “the circumstances of his death were covered up.”



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