Malocher Rexhbecaj leaves – and continues to help VfL Bochum

Elvis Rexhbecaj will wear Bochum’s shirt for the last time in the game at Union Berlin on Saturday. But he also helps the Revierklub well beyond the end of the season.

Bochum’s coach Thomas Reis is full of praise for Elvis Rexhbecaj.


It is the ideal idea when such a deal is agreed: all sides benefit and are satisfied in the end. The player, the loaning club, the temporary employer.

Fans enthusiastically celebrated Rexhbecaj

And of course the Bochum supporters were and are extremely happy with the long-distance runner, who enthusiastically celebrated Rexhbecaj after the 4:3 in Dortmund and of course also after the last home game, the 2:1 against Bielefeld. In fact, the marathon man, who always throws himself unconditionally into the fray, was enthusiastically accepted by the VfL fans.

“He’s a mental player who you can always rely on,” said coach Thomas Reis. The midfielder has played in 32 out of a possible 33 games, has hardly ever disappointed and always pushes himself to the limit for the benefit of the team.

Rexhbecaj didn’t score a single goal and didn’t get an assist

Certainly, for example in terms of goal danger, his record can be improved significantly. Not a single goal and not a single assist came from the loan from VfL Wolfsburg, and that is of course far too little for a midfielder who is at least partially offensively oriented.

“He’s a character guy who gives his last shirt”

But Rexhbecaj is a hard worker, and that’s why he was well received at VfL. “He’s a character who gives his last shirt for the club he plays for. He showed that before in Cologne,” enthused Reis.

It is obvious that the district club would have loved to keep the hard-working worker. Just as logical, however, is that Rexhbecaj is now open to completely different doors. His contract with VfL Wolfsburg runs until 2023, and the factory club is of course extremely satisfied with the development of the 24-year-old.

So is he staying in Wolfsburg? Or does he move on? On the one hand, the competition in Wolfsburg is great in his field of activity, on the other hand, Rexhbecaj, trained in the Wolfsburg youth team, brings attributes such as mentality and identification with him, which the Lower Saxony have sorely missed this season.

Bochum will continue to rely on loan players

In any case, his time in Bochum ends on Saturday, but he is helping his current club beyond the end of the season. Because VfL Bochum will continue to rely on free transfer players and loan deals in the second year in the Bundesliga. And of course Rexhbecaj is the ideal example of how a loan player can develop in Bochum. In this respect, VfL Bochum has a lot to offer as a (also temporary) employer.

Also in the upcoming transfer summer it will be the case that many players want to get their careers going again by going on loan. Then there will also be interesting loan deals for Bochum.

Is Stafylidis staying?

Managing directors Sebastian Schindzielorz and Thomas Reis have consistently demonstrated that they have a good hand in this regard. In one case, it seems quite possible that a player whose loan is now also ending will also wear the Bochum jersey in the coming season. Talks with those responsible at TSG Hoffenheim to keep Kostas Stafylidis in Bochum have been going on for some time.



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