Luis Díaz: statistics, performance and goals in the dream 2021-2022 season, Premier League | Colombians Abroad

There were going to be six but there were four. The trophies of this 2021/2022 season are the right prize for a Luis Díaz with nothing to reproach himself for, in a simply dream year, which sometimes seems unreal: “sometimes I don’t believe it,” confessed the farmer.

The whole year went through a waste of talent in the Copa América in Brazil (Colombia was third and he was the top scorer), a flawless performance in Porto and an overwhelming landing in Liverpool, which in less than four months graduated him as a member of his offensive trident, one of the most feared in the world.

Díaz won two titles dressed in red, the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup, and was crowned, from a distance, League and Portuguese Cup champion (he played both competitions). There could have been six, it’s true, but Manchester City went through in the Premier League and Real Madrid in the Champions League. And yet he disputed them until the last day, the last minute.

The summary of the season is, really, crazy:

Total matches: 26 (18 starters),
Premier League appearances: 13
FA Cup appearances: 5
League Cup matches: 1 (the final)
Champions League matches: 7

Total matches: 28
League matches: 18
Cup matches: 3
Champions League matches: 6

In total there were 54 games with two clubs, plus the 19 games he played with the Colombian National Team, between Qualifiers and Copa América. A total of 73 games for the entire season is a staggering amount.

But it was not only that, because his performance in front of goal is really to take his hat off: he scored 22 goals, 16 of them with Porto (14 in the League and 2 in the Champions League) and 6 with Liverpool (4 in the Premier League and 2 in the Champions League). ). If you add the 4 goals from the Copa América that made him the top scorer in that tournament (along with Messi), the reality is that his effectiveness in front of goal improved remarkably: And what’s missing!

As if virtues were lacking, his associative game brought him 9 assists in his two clubs. Influential? Let’s see if not!

Díaz will take a well-deserved vacation now that he has the satisfaction of a job well done. He will return to do the preseason that is still due in his new team, which will surely put him at the level of the stars of the squad … if he is not already. The dream you don’t want to wake up from is just beginning. He will not be with Colombia in the friendly against Saudi Arabia but it is not due to a lack of commitment: rest is a vital part of the process, when he returns he will be much, much stronger.



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