Libertad thrashed America and is second in series B – Diario La Hora

TRIUMPH. The team from Libertad won the América de Quito at the Reina del Cisne Stadium.

The team from Loja adds points and maintains the hope of promotion, currently it is one point behind the leader Chacaritas.

STORE. The Libertad Fútbol Club team with good football and being orderly on the playing field, managed to win and beat the Deportivo América de Quito team by 4 goals to 2, at the Reina del Cisne stadium, by date 11 of the League- Pro of Ecuadorian soccer of series B.


The game was played at the Reina del Cisne stadium, starting at 7:30 p.m., with a good audience, who gathered to support the team from Loja. The ‘orange’ team, led by Professor Nelson Tapia, lined up with Eduardo Bore in goal; Robinson Requenes, Jonathan Bravo, Yardely Rodríguez and Jonathan Ordóñez in defense; while Andrés Valverde, Pedro Larrea, Bryan Rodríguez and Anderson Naula in midfield; to leave César Espinola and José Cortez in the lead.


The Lojanos from the first moment went in search of the goal, and at minute 1 with 27 seconds of starting the match, the first score came through a corner kick that Anderson Naula took and the player César Espínola deposited the ball in the opposite goal . Then, the same player Espínola, at minute 5, put the ‘oranges’ to win with a second goal.

The third goal for the Lojanos came at minute 38 of the first half, by the player Robinson Requenes, after a mistake by the Deportivo América goalkeeper. Before the end of the 45 minutes, the visiting team lost the opportunity to discount through the penalty shot that was missed by the player Manuel Arteaga.


In the second half, both teams went out to the field in search of the goal and it was the team from America that scored its first goal at minute 57, discounting the score against the ‘oranges’. At 31 minutes the player from Loja Andrés Valverde scored the fourth goal, after a pass from José Cortez. The match ended with the second goal for America by Juan José Pérez from a free kick, ending 4:2 in favor of Libertad.


Currently the ‘orange’ team is second in the standings.



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