Leicester vs Everton, win by stay in Premier League, Mina injured, summary | premier league

There are days when the how doesn’t matter, only the what is worth. Exactly what? An unthinkable victory for an Everton struggling in relegation, no less than at the home of a powerful but unknown former Leicester.

Lampard’s team, which had Mina as its starter although they soon lost him, managed to win 1-3, a victory that could be key to ensuring permanence in the Premier League and that gives them a slight advantage in a very tough fight against their rivals. toughest opponents.

In the first minute Mina was already vital in the first minute with a first block, which was followed by Pickford with a great save although in the end there was a misplacement, and they were all signs of what would happen after 5 minutes, a great change of front that He found Mykolenko free, who raised his noisy supporters at the King Power Stadium with a beautiful shot from above, full of location, beautiful thinking, especially, of remaining in the Premier League.

But it was a shame what came later, when in the 10th minute everything happened: goalkeeper Schmeichel saved Doucouré’s attempt at the line and Mina and a teammate collided on the return, a serious mistake that Daka charged them with a goal against sheer speed. Again, equal account, now 1-1.

And then, at 16 minutes, the bad news for Mina: suddenly he asked for the change, they examined him and immediately to the locker room. New low, a pity the chain of injuries, which does not leave him alone.

From then on Leicester grew, worse just at that moment Everton scored: taking a corner kick from Gray, header from Richarlison and Holgate appeared on the rebound, opportune to punish the slowness of the local defense and make the account 2-1. Again the ‘toffees’ in the stands were crazy.

For the complement, the suspicion of a homeowner decisively over the rival area was confirmed: they tried incessantly, but collided with the enormous Pickford, on another night of inspiration: at 63 he took, with a changed hand, the great shot from Mendy , and at 67 he avoided Barnes’s goal by pure reflex.

Lampard’s side held on with everything they had, barely remembering Schmeichel and even had a lucky break in the 82nd when Barnes’ lethal header, which seemed to beat Pickford, went unbelievably wide.

In the end, what Everton did had the flavor of a feat, winning on a difficult pitch, away from home and achieving a key advantage point in their close fight with Burnley and Leeds (both with 34 units) to remain in the Premier. Leicester? The regular at the top of the table is now in 14th place, very far from all the discussions in which he was the protagonist before.



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