Legnano Basket returns to PalaBorsani for match 2 against Bergamo

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Enough time to gather strength after Game 1 and for Legnano Basket it is already time to focus on the second match of the series against Bergamo. The stage will be that of PalaBorsani, with Legnano leading 1-0 in the series, duo at 20 on Tuesday 17 May

Sunday’s match highlighted quite clearly the strengths of the two teams and, at the same time, the aspects of the game that need improvement. From race-1 it emerged that Tommaso Marino and Tommaso Bianchi can play both alternating and together, certainly great news for Riccardo Eliantonio and the Giglietti-Saini duo. With Marino who, in some situations, will have to concentrate on recovering the right energy to be effective, Bianchi’s presence becomes even more fundamental, thanks to the jerks he knows how to become the protagonist and the ability to attack the basket in different ways, in addition to his own. contribution of assists.

And for an ex on duty who has behaved well, like Ihedioha, there is another one from whom he expects a different return, and we refer to Giovanni Fattori. His presence is essential, without ifs and buts. With his physique and his technique, the Bergamo longs should go into difficulty, being in turn forced to go out over the arc to contain their long shot.

Bergamo is a tough opponent, Legnano understood it very quickly in the first quarter of the Knights Palace, with game-2 which represents a great opportunity to bring the series back on a draw.

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