Lebenshilfe Oberhausen creates jobs: People with disabilities work at Stäubli

In the workshop of the Lebenshilfe Oberhausen, a facility for people with disabilities, orders from the company Stäubli Electrical Connectors Essen have been processed for a long time. Stäubli develops and produces test and measurement technology products in Essen.

With the idea that the Lebenshilfe could also do orders at Stäubli on site, the inclusion management of the Lebenshilfe Oberhausen talked to the employees of the workshop and aroused great interest in trying out at Stäubli as part of an internship. Following the internship, company-integrated workplaces were set up.

At the beginning of October 2021, a group of twelve Lebenshilfe employees started working in the Stäubli company and started their work in manual assembly. The group is led by Sven Moog, group leader of the company-integrated workplaces at Lebenshilfe Oberhausen.

Feedback from stakeholders

“The work is a lot of fun and we always learn something new. Stäubli colleagues are all very nice and we are accepted as we are. Our group management is always there and we get help immediately when we need it.” This is how some employees of the group report about their new job.

Feedback from Stäubli shift management: “The Lebenshilfe team is an enrichment for our company. Their commitment and high level of motivation are clearly noticeable and form the basis for good work results. We are delighted that we have succeeded together with Lebenshilfe, for everyone To be able to offer a meaningful task to every employee.”

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