Latvian hockey players win Norway in a hard fight / Day

Latvian hockey players win Norway in a hard fight / Day

Rodrigo Ābols, Nikolajs Jelisejevs and Roberts Bukarts scored the goal for the Latvian national team.

In the first period, Latvian hockey players were a little better, but the puck did not fly to the Norwegian goal for a long time, even in two two-minute rejections earned by Norwegian hockey players in the first half of the period.

The result was revealed by the captain of the Latvian team Rodrigo Ābols, when 14 minutes and four seconds were played. After Rudolf Balcer played back to the right side of the Norwegian zone, Ronalds Ķēniņš made a great pass from the edge to the long pole of the goal, and Ābols sent a puck into the goal with a small rebound from the Norwegian hockey player in front of the goal – 1: 0.

In the 17th minute, Ludwig Hof earned two minutes for rudeness, but Latvians also failed to use this majority.

After the resumption of the game in the fifth counter-attack directly opposite the goal of Elvis Merzlikkin, Mats Roseli Ulsen received a pass, putting the puck into the goal on the ice – 1: 1.

At the beginning of the second period, the Latvian national team did not use a trip for three against one Norwegian defender, playing inaccurately between Rihards Maren and Oskars Batņš.

Immediately afterwards, Norway pushed Latvia into its zone without taking two good scoring moments for the naturalized Swedish striker Kristian Jakobson.

The breakthrough came in the 27th minute, when Matthias Treteness first earned two penalty minutes for holding by hand, but during the suspended penalty, Richard Buchart was knocked down by Hof by a wrestling technique, for which it was his third go to the penalty bench in the game.

Hof did not stay long on the penalty bench, because after watching the video replay by the referees, the fighting technique was evaluated with 5 + 20 penalty minutes and rejection until the end of the game, with Hof going to the locker room and Latvia gaining a big majority of two minutes and a three-minute majority of five to four. Norwegians.

Although it was not possible to keep the puck in the zone, it only took 27 seconds to reach 2: 1. After the passes of Jānis Jaks and Balcers, Nikolajs Jelisejevs sent the puck to the top right corner of the goal from the right defender after the shot – 2: 1.

The second goal failed to be scored in the majority, but after 33 minutes of play, Robert Bukart, after passing Sanda Smona and Kristaps Sotnieks, threw the goal into the left corner and hit the top left corner – 3: 1. The Norwegian goalkeeper had already started to move to the opposite corner of the goal, but the visibility in front of him was obscured by Batņa.

The Norwegians played one goal in the 48th minute, when Max Krogdal hit the top right corner of the goal after throwing the puck in front of the goal, reaching 2: 3. Merzlikin was covered and could not see the litter.

The Norwegians took the initiative and dangerously attacked the gate guarded by Merzlik. Harijs Vītoliņš, the head coach of the Latvian national team, demanded a break after the rebuke, but the Norwegian offensive continued.

One minute and 48 seconds before the end of the regular time, Norway replaced the goalkeeper Henrik Heukelann with the sixth player, the King and Andreas Martinsen earned a mutual rejection in front of Merzilikin’s goal, but the result did not change – Latvia won 3: 2.

The superiority of the Norwegians in the third third is also shown by the number of shots on goal. Norway interrupted Merzlikin 19 times, but in the opposite goal Martinsens dealt four puck.

This offensive helped the Norwegians to be better in the whole game – 36:28.

Balcers was recognized as the best in the Latvian national team, and Roseli Ulsen for the Norwegians.

Finland and Sweden are at the top of subgroup B with six points in two matches. The third place with five points is taken by the USA, the Czech Republic has three points in two matches, and Latvia has three points. Norway have scored two points in three games and Britain and Austria have two points in two games.

On Friday, Latvia, starting the 25th World Championship in the elite group, lost 1: 4 to the US national team. Andris Džeriņš scored the only goal, but other hockey players failed to take advantage of many opportunities. On Saturday, in the second match, an unnecessary rejection at the end of the game led to a 1: 2 concession to the Olympic champion Finland, whose goal was played by Rūdolfs Balcers.

Norway capitulated Finland 0: 5 at the start of the championship, but in the second game on Sunday they scored a three-goal lead and beat Britain 4: 3 in the “bulls” alone.

At 20.20, Finland and the United States will take part in Subgroup B. The match will be broadcast on 360 TV Hockey.

In subgroup A, Slovakia and Canada will meet in the first match of the day on Monday, but France and Germany will take the field at 20.20. The first game can be watched on the channels “360 TV” and “360 TV hockey”, but the second match will be shown on LTV7.

Group A has six points in two games for Switzerland and Canada, three points for Denmark, France, Germany and Slovakia. Kazakhstan and Italy are without points, with two duels behind.

The Czech Republic will face Latvia on Thursday, and a day later Latvia will fight Austria. On Sunday, Latvians will play against the British hockey players for the first time in the world championship, but the group tournament will end on May 24 with a match against Sweden.

After the restoration of independence, Latvia has met with Norway 12 times at the world championships and won seven victories. Last year in Riga they had to lose with a 3: 4 post-throw series.

The captain of the Latvian national team in the championship is Rodrigo Ābols, but he is assisted by Rūdolfs Balcers and Artūrs Kulda.

The biggest experience of the world championships is the defender Kristaps Sotnieks, who is playing in his 12th championship. This is the ninth, eighth and seventh championships for strikers Ronald King and Robert Bucharest, as well as for defender Arthur Kuld. Nine hockey players have not played in any adult championships.

Before the fourth match, Kristiāns Rubīns will join the ranks of the Latvian national team, and the national team also reserves the right to include the striker Teodors Blugers during the championship. For the time being, the youngest players of the team – forwards Klāvs Veinbergs and Oskars Lapinskis – have not been entered in the application from the players who have gone to Finland.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) suspended all Russian and Belarusian teams and clubs from competitions organized by the IIHF. Russia and Belarus will be replaced by France and Austria, which ranked the highest selection of countries not expected to play in the top division.

The 16 teams participating in the tournament are divided into two groups, eight units each, which guarantees seven games for each team in the subgroup competition. After one round of group matches, the four best teams in each subgroup will continue to fight for medals in the quarterfinals, while the weakest teams in the tournament will leave the strongest division last year, with Slovenia and Hungary in the top 16 next year.

The 2022 World Championships in Finland will take place from 13 to 29 May.

Composition of the Latvian men’s hockey team for the world championship:

Goalkeepers: Elvis Merzlikins (Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL), Gustav Davis Grigals (University of Alaska Fairbanks, NCAA), Arthur Shilov (Ebotsford Canucks, AHL);

Defenders: Jānis Jaks (“Sochi”, KHL), Kārlis Čukste (Trelinec “Ocelārži”, Czech Republic), Kristaps Sotnieks (Riga “Dinamo”, KHL), Roberts Mamčics (“Linkoping”, Sweden), Arvils Bergmanis (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) , NCAA), Artūrs Kulda (Krefeld “Pinguine”, Germany), Kristaps Zīle (Litervinov “Verva”, Czech Republic), Sandis Smons (Geneva “Servette”, Switzerland);

Attackers: Mārtiņš Dzierkals (Škoda, Pilsen, Czech Republic), Richard Bucharest (Admiral of Vladivostok, KHL), Robert Bucharest (Ridera, Czech Republic), Andris Dzerins (Linz “Black Hawks”, Austria), Richard Maren MoDo, Sweden), Deniss Smirnov (Geneva Servette, Switzerland), Oskar Lapinskis (Langnava Tigers, Switzerland), Ronalds Köninen (Lausanne, Switzerland), Oscar Batni (Mikeli Jukurit, Finland) , Renārs Krastenbergs (Villach VSV, Austria), Klāvs Veinbergs (“Zemgale” / LLU, Latvia), Rodrigo Ābols (“Orebro”, Sweden), Nikolajs Jelisejevs (“MoDo”, Erntschwitz, Sweden), Rūdolfs Balcers (Sanhose) , KHL).

The composition of the Norwegian men’s hockey team for the World Championship:

Goalkeepers: Junass Arntsen (Orebro, Sweden), Henrik Holm (Stavenger Oilers, Norway), Henrik Heukelann (Munich Red Bull, Germany);

Defenders: Christian Bulls (Nove Zamky, Slovakia), Juhanne Juhannesen, Max Krogdal (both Vastervik, Sweden), Andreas Klavestad, Daniel Bouches Roxett (both Stavanger Oilers, Norway), Christian Kosastul (Ontario) Reign “, AHL), Emil Lilleberg (” Oskarshamn “, Sweden), Matthias Nessebar (” Bjorkloven “, Sweden);

Attackers: Tubias Fladby (AIF of Tingsrid, Sweden), Mangnuss Gehab (Frisk of Ascera, Norway), Michael Hague (Rauma “Lukko”, Finland), Mangnuss Breke Henriksen, Matisse Ulimbs, Martin Reimarks (all – Valerenga) , Norway), Ludwig Hof (Stavanger “Oilers”, Norway), Christian Jakobson (Prague “Sparta”, Czech Republic), Andreas Martinsen (“Lillehammer”, Norway), Ken Andre Ulimb (Schwenningen “Wild Wings”, Germany), Mats Roseli Ulsen (“Frolunda”, Sweden), Eirik Salsten (“Storhamar”, Norway), Matthias Treteness (“La Chaux-de-Fonds”, Switzerland).


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