Korea wins after overthrowing China


South Korea managed to become a champion Uber Cup 2022. An Seyoung et al overthrew the defending champion China in the final 3-2.

At the Impact Arena, Saturday (14/5), China started with a victory over Korea in the opening party. Chen Yu Fei managed to get up and overcome An Seyoung in a rubber game for more than 1 hour.

Chen Yu Fei had to lose in the first game 17-21. The world number three single was then able to force the match into the third game after winning 21-15 in the second game.

The game of determination is dramatic. Chen Yu Fei was behind 19-16 before making an extraordinary comeback to win 21-20

The second party of Korea Vs China went no less fiercely; back via rubber game more than 1 hour. There was Lee Sohee/Shin Seungchan who brought Korea to a 1-1 level after winning over Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan.

Lee Sohee/Shin Seungchan lost in the first game 12-21. They then performed excellently in the next two games to win by a similar score of 21-18.

In the third final Uber Cup 2022He Bing Jiao, who became China’s second single, managed to frustrate Kim Gaeun’s resistance with two straight games in a party that lasted 43 minutes.

He Bing Jiao won convincingly 21-12, 21-13. China won again with a score of 2-1.

Kim Hye Jeong/Kong Heeyong vs Huang Dong Ping/Li Wen Mei in the fourth match. Kim Hye Jeong/Kong Heeyong maintain Korean hope after being able to win with straight gim.

Kim/Kong could overcome Huang/Li’s resistance 22-20, 21-17 in 59 minutes. A 2-2 draw – until the winner of the 2022 Uber Cup title had to be decided in the fifth match.

Sim Yujin faced Wang Zhi Yi in the decider. The match was so tight in the first game with Sim winning 28-26.

Wang got up in the second game to force the rubber game after 21-18. Sim could lock the 2022 Uber Cup title for Korea by winning 21-8 in the third game.

South Korea overthrew the defending champion 3-2. This is the second Uber Cup title for South Korea after 2010.

Final Results Uber Cup 2022: Korea Vs China, 3-2

  • An Seyoung (Korea) vs Chen Yu Fei (China), 1 hour 31 minutes
    21-17 15-21 20-22
  • Lee Sohee / Shin Seungchan (Korea) vs Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan (China), 1 jam 18 menit
    12-21 21-18 21-18
  • Kim Gaeun (Korea) vs He Bing Jiao (China), 43 minutes
    12-21 13-21
  • Kim Hye Jeong/Kong Heeyong (Korea) vs Huang Dong Ping/Li Wen Mei (China) 59 minutes
    22-20 21-17
  • Sim Yujin (Korea) vs Wang Zhi Yi China (China) 88 menit
    28-26, 18-21, 21-8




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