“Kampfzwerge” from JSC Erkelenz collect medals

Judo championships at district and district level
“Kampfzwerge” from JSC Erkelenz collect medals

The youngest judoka from the Judo Sport Club Erkelenz were on the road at the individual district and district championships and were able to collect a few medals there. Much to the delight of trainer Charis Teßmer.

The judo youth of the Judo Sport Club Erkelenz performed well at the individual district and district championships and won a few medals. At the district level in the U11 age group, Ronja Rosenthal, Fynn Kretschmer and Emilia Spelten all celebrated gold medals in Jülich.

Ronja Rosenthal started the trio in the weight class under 44 kilograms. She had another opponent in her weight class and faced her in Best of Three, with the Erkelenz winning two bouts. After winning her first fight, in which she could rely on a strong grip fight and her turning technique (Seoi-otoshi), she made it exciting again in the second fight. Here the opponent led with a low score and brought it over time, despite Ronja’s good grip fight again. In the third fight her fighting spirit was awakened and Ronja won prematurely with a foot technique.

Fynn Kretschmer (-31kg) and Emilia Spelten (-48kg) only did friendly fights due to the small number of participants. Fynn Kretschmer fought against an opponent from the higher weight class and had to admit defeat despite good fights. Emilia Spelten, on the other hand, won both of her fights prematurely with a foot technique and a hold, she also showed a strong hold fight. “All three showed a great performance and were able to implement what they had learned during the training in a great and motivated way in their fights”, coach Charis Teßmer was happy about the success of her protégés.

It then continued for the youngest judoka from JSC Erkelenz at the district individual championships U11. Since Fynn Kretschmer was weighed in at 34 kilograms, he had to compete in the higher weight class. There he finished ninth after a good performance. Ronja Rosenthal (-44kg) had to fight four fights and finally celebrated fifth place. Emilia Spelten (-48kg) competed against an opponent in the “Best of Three” mode, delivered a good fight to the much more experienced opponent and was narrowly defeated in the end. Nevertheless, she was able to look forward to the silver medal in the end. “Also at the individual district championships, all three showed great fights and can be satisfied. We are proud of the youngest battle dwarves. Now it’s time to gain more competition experience,” said Charis Teßmer from JSC Erkelenz.


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