Juventus FC – Inter Milan: statistics, report

Stadio Olimpico saw another thrilling match, as befits a Coppa Italia final. Inter took Barella’s lead right at the start of the match, but Juventus took a big turn after the change of sides. But he also showed Inter and thanks Ivan Perišić for two goals for the trophy.

Juventus had long since dropped out of the fight for the title, and all the more he wanted to fix the taste of the trophies from the ruined season. The only trophy he could still win. A victory in Coppa Italia would be all the easier because his opponent was a hated rival, Inter. And among other things, it was also the last grand final of a certain Giorgio Chiellini, and in the colors of Juventus also Paul Dybala.

But Inter started better. It took him seven minutes to make a significant threat for the first time and he scored immediately. After a corner kick, the “Old Lady” failed to turn the ball far enough, the young midfielder Nicolò Barella took the ball and sent Inter into the lead with a cross shot to the far post!

Paradoxically, this goal was not aroused by Inter, but the Nerazzurri almost immediately pulled themselves to their own half and let Juventus play. He was able to equalize after twenty minutes when Paulo Dybala came to the ball in the lime. But he came across an experienced Samir Handanovich, who stopped his blow. And then he managed a dangerous shot by Dušan Vlahović!

Inter was not paying close attention to Paul Dybala’s art, and the Argentine striker could return it to him with a leveling shot. After thirty minutes, he fired from the volley inside the lime just next to the gate, and Inter warned again. Naturally, Coach Allegri was injured when the game became more physical, and he had to leave the field.

And the substitution was really successful, because Juventus, thanks to his presence, showed a great start to the second half. Five minutes of it took place when Inter’s defense did not turn the ball away enough and hoped that the whole Juventus action was over. It wasn’t, because Alex Sandro seized the balloon at the edge of the lime and overcame Handanovič, who was catching in vain, with a cannonball!

The Slovenian goalkeeper had to be very angry with his defender and even more so just two minutes later. The trackers of Inter did not show much again, when they let Dušan Vlahović finish not once, but even twice. The Serbian young man got the ball in the lime, bypassed the first defender and fired at Handanovič. When the balloon bounced back from his head, the former Fiorentina player no longer had trouble catching up.

Juventus also took turns, but it was not very successful in his presentation. In the 67th minute, Bonsterci’s stopper looked on the field to create an impenetrable wall. Instead, after only eleven minutes, the penetrating Lautar Martínez fouled and the judges, even after the help of VAR, whistled a penalty kick! Turek Hakan Çalhanoğlu joined him and he was right! So we got an extension at Stadio Olimpico.

It undoubtedly started better for Inter, as did the first half of the match. And another foul in the lime. Stoper De Ligt has been giving his marching orders, his manager will not be happy. This time, experienced veteran Ivan Perišić took responsibility and did not give Perin a chance – 3: 2 for Inzaghi’s team.

Perišić became a black moth Juve and the main character of the extension. After only three minutes, he was charged by Dimarc and struck Juventus with a beautiful blow from a long distance.



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