Jurgen Klopp spoke about the FA Cup final: line-ups, casualties and referred to Chelsea | Other Soccer Leagues

Jurgen Klopp attended the media this Friday, prior to the FA Cup final against Chelsea. The Liverpool coach said he did not have the slightest idea of ​​the eleven that Thomas Tuchel will use and did not give any clues about the team he will use, although he hinted that he will come out with the best of his payroll because it is not just another game. He respects the rival and knows what is at stake.

“We are looking forward to this opportunity. It is a great final for us and I am very happy that we are part of it. We always gave everything to get there, but we just didn’t make it”, was the first thing the German coach said about Liverpool’s presence in the FA Cup final, which he has not played for 10 years and has not won since the 2005-06 season.

Also, he shook off the pressure against Chelsea, whom he already beat in the final on February 27, for the English League Cup. “I’ve said a few times that without luck you have no chance and luck was on our side. We know how good Chelsea is“Klopp acknowledged, assuring that both have great chances of lifting the trophy this Saturday.

Klopp gave all the importance to the FA Cup saying that “it is the biggest domestic cup in the world. I did not see 20 finals but I do not think that is necessary to understand how big it is”, adding that it is not a match normal. “It’s special, and for some, it will be the most important of his career. We want to enjoy it.”

The Liverpool coach, who also told the press conference that Fabinho will not be in this final but will be in the one on May 28 against Real Madrid for the Champions League, said that Thomas Tuchel’s men are well trained and have a clear idea for handle any area on the court, too, that have a system similar to the others but with a different level.



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