Judokas obtain several medals in Brazil – Polideportivo

Last weekend the West Regional Tournament of Judo 1st was held. semester, in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, where several Paraguayans stood out getting medals for our country in different categories.

Below is the order of the winners and their categories, Sub 11: Denisse Juliette Durán Lopes (1st), Guilhermo Gonzalo (1st), Joaquín Báez (1st), Mauricio Jara (1st), Nicolle Fiorella Milessi Oddone (1st), Bruno Jara (2nd) and Dominic Javier Durán Lopes (3rd).

Sub 13: Sofia Santagiuliana (1st), Thiago Benjamin Milessi Oddone (1st), Fabrizio Peralta (1st), Alexander Nunez (2nd), Mauro Aranda (2nd), and Isaiah Mar Diaz (3rd).

Sub 15: Nahyr Angelacio (1st), Thais Baez (1st), Lizela Ortiz (1st), Augustin Ledesma (1st), Elias Veron (1st), and Enzo Peralta (3rd).

Sub 18: Salome Baez (1st), Elias Ozorio (1st), Erika Benitez (2nd), Nancy Gimenez (2nd), Ever Manuel Diaz (3rd), Ashligh Talavera (3rd) and Marcelo Peralta (3rd).

Under 21 and Senior: Saul Landaria (1st), Fiorela Aranda (1st), Matías Gonzalo Cárcere Arrua (1st), Emilio Amarilla (2nd), Marcelo Vicentini (2nd), Angel Gini (2nd), Mateo Ortiz (3rd), Cristian Prieto (3rd), Ezekiel Duarte (3rd) and Jose Matthew Russo (3rd).

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*Kick Boxing. This Sunday, May 29, the Caacupé Champions will be held, the regional championship in kick boxing, in the Low Kick and K1 modalities.

The tournament will start at 09:00 and will last until 18:00 at the Caacupé sports center, in which the most outstanding duel is the confrontation between Braian Notario (Team León) against Samuel Morel (Team Colmán MMA).

Tickets will be G. 10,000, more information at 0986 171-963.



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