Judoka dies of cardiac arrest during National Universiade

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Mexico City / 15.05.2022 07:16:00

Mexican sport is in mourning. David Alejandro Gómez Flores, judoka from the University of Guadalajara, passed away this saturday may 14 for cardiorespiratory arrest while participating in the National Universiade 2022which is celebrated in the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez.

The unfortunate news was confirmed by UUniversity of Guadalajaraan institution that detailed that the death of your student occurred after the end of their individual participation in the division of more than 100 kilograms.

“The sportsman received CPR by medical personnel which was at the venue for the competition. Subsequently, He was taken by ambulance to the Specialty Medical Center.where he was admitted to the intensive care area and where he finally died“, informed the UDG.

He began to feel dizzy, to feel bad. He sat. He told the referee to stop, he wanted to get up again, he couldn’t, and that’s when we came in and that’s when he went unemployed. (…) There was no hit, there was no event that triggered that”, explained Armando Tonatiuh Mondragón Rodríguez, specialist doctor of the UDG sports teams.

Through social networks, both the University of Guadalajara as the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (Conade) and the governor of the state of Chihuahua expressed their condolences after the death of the Aztec athlete.



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