Judoka crown their individual district champions in Nievenheim

Multi-purpose hall Nievenheim
Judoka crown their individual champions

Successful performance of TSV Bayer Dormagen and JC Nievenheim in the youth title fights in the multi-purpose hall in Nievenheim.

At the district individual championships in judo, held in the multi-purpose hall of the comprehensive school in Nievenheim, around 100 young people in the age groups U11 and U13 were fighting for titles.

Juna Mönter and Emilia Wienen (both U11) were happy about silver medals for JC Nievenheim, represented by a total of 22 judoka. Noa Krueger, Noomi Ortling, Mason Bergt, David Roth, Nils Bagh and Linus Höfener won bronze. In the U13 Malte Bagh took second place. At the open city championships held at the same time, Gosia Oszmana, Robin Foss, Fynn Hilgemann, Helio Francisco and Frieder Oehlmann (all U15) made it to third place. In the U18, Rinat Khiyarov, Maja Krueger and Mia Kellerhaus were happy about the Dormagen city title, Amelie Herwartz and Arda Ünver remained bronze. Leonie Beyersdorf was unbeatable in the seniors.

TSV Bayer Dormagen brought 14 active players to the start, six of them in the U11 age group: David Wenzel and Ferdinand Sürtenich lost their three fights in the age group up to 27 kilograms, as did Hanna Schlueter in the girls’ category (26 kg). Sofia Deines (28 kg) also remained unplaced after one win and two losses. In the class up to 34 kilograms, Alexander Nabiev only lost in the final and finished second ahead of Isaac Schuster. Both qualified for the district championships.

Six judoka from TSV also competed in the U13: Simon Fischer (34 kg) secured the title unbeaten, in the category up to 37 kg Michael Schäfer lost out after two victories in the last fight and finished second. Yigit Karabacak (37 kg) and Matteo Fariello (40 kg) went away empty-handed.

In the U13 girls, Khadija Sürtenich became district champion in the class up to 48 kilograms, Frieda Baldauf (52 kg) a good second. Finally, in the U15s, Ben Weber and Vitalis Nabiev stepped onto the mat for TSV. As expected, Ben Weber easily asserted himself in the class up to 40 kilograms and brought in another individual championship for his club. Vitalis Nabiev (66 kg) took second place.



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