Judo demonstrates at the market

Beaumont. When judo makes its market. Last Saturday, young people from the judo section took over the forecourt of the La Ruche village hall, in the heart of the weekly market.

Under a radiant sun, there were more than sixty of them (aged 4 to 8) treading the tatami mats during the three sessions led by Pierre Bondy. Under the gaze of many parents and local elected officials, the young shoots chained psychomotor work, technical exercises and randoris. At the end of each session, the club offered each judoka a group photo.

This initiative of the managers of the judo section aimed to propose a sporting animation of the market and to make discover the club, which has 175 licensees. The people of Beaumont who came to take their tour of the market underlined the involvement of the association in the life of the town. Some parents took the opportunity to discover or rediscover the traders present for the traditional market.



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