Jeongseon-gun, sports event ‘Poongseong’… restore local vitality

A view of the Jeongseon-gun Government Complex in Gangwon-do.

Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do announced on the 12th that it is recovering local vitality by lifting social distancing and attracting abundant sports events in response to the decrease in corona confirmed.

National and provincial level events are held in May.

From the 14th to the 15th, the 2022 Jeongseon Arirang Cup Gangwon-do Children’s Taekwonwang Championship and the 29th Gangwon-do Tennis Association Long-term Tournament will be held in Jeongseon-gun, with about 2,000 athletes and executives participating, and on the 26th, the Gangwon-do Park Golf Tournament with about 800 participants will be held in Jeongseon-gun.

The Gangwon-do Children’s Taekwondo Championship, held at the Jeongseon Sports Complex Gymnasium, is expected to attract more than 1,500 people, including school officials and parents, as well as athletes who dream of becoming Korea’s representative athletes.

The 29th Gangwon-do Tennis Association Long-Term Tournament, hosted by the Gangwon-do Tennis Association, is attended by 900 players and executives, and will be held at Jeongseon Sports Complex tennis courts and auxiliary stadiums such as Bukpyeong, Yeoryang, Hwaam, Nammyeon, Gohan, and Jeungsan.

Also, from June to November, there will be 10 provincial sports competitions, including Gangwon-do Archery Competition, Gangwon-do Gakeball Competition, Gangwon-do Ground Golf Competition, and Gangwon-do Association Long-Term Judo Competition.

The national sports competitions include the 76th National Athletics Championships to be held at Jeongseon Stadium from June 22 to 25, the 2022 Spartan Race Jeongseon, Julabae National Open Table Tennis Tournament, the National Middle and High School Athletics Championships, and the National Paralympic Gateball Tournament. , Jeongseon-gun Summer Soccer Stove League, Jeongseon Donggang National Bicycle Tournament, Jeongseon Arirang Cup National Youth Soccer Tournament, Jeongseon Arirang Cup National Open Badminton Tournament, etc. will be held.

Since the end of April, the Jungseon-gun Life Sports Club Club, where 2,200 players participate in 20 sports such as baseball, softball, ground golf, soccer, track and field, badminton, gateball, and swimming, has been held since the end of April.

Ahn Seok-gyun, head of the Jeongseon-gun Culture and Tourism Division, said, “As the population of leisure sports, lifestyle sports, and elite sports is increasing every year, we can be reborn as a clean sports mecca through active sports marketing, utilization of sports infrastructure, and expansion of public sports facilities close to daily life by region. We will do our best to make it happen,” he said.

Jeong Seon = Reporter Park Ha-rim



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