Jeon Hye-won in ‘Accelerate You’, a bizarre charm that raises the excitement index

Jeon Hye-won in ‘Accelerate You’

Actress Jeon Hye-won’s absurd confession is raising the excitement index.

The currently airing KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The speed that goes to you 493km’ (hereinafter ‘You Accelerate’) is a hot sports romance drama between Park Joo-hyeon (Park Tae-yang), who is all about exercise, and Chae Jong-hyeop (Park Tae-joon), who is a professional sportsman, in a badminton business team. all. Jeon Hye-won made use of the energetic charm of the disassembled character as a badminton player training room in the play.

In episodes 7 and 8 of ‘Accelerate You’, which aired on the 11th and 12th, Jeon Hye-won (Yang Seong-sil)’s surprise confession procession continued. She proposed her doubles partner to Park Joo-hyeon, who was living as a loner in the team. She clearly conveyed her long-time fan feelings for Park Joo-hyun, which she could not express because she was watching the seniors, and she expressed her joy by saying, “Yang Seong-sil, you are my woman.” It made the viewers smile.

Jeon Hye-won’s candid charm, who is in a secret relationship in the company, also added to the fun. She made her laugh with her clumsy acting to protect Park Joo-hyeon, who was staying overnight with Chae Jong-hyeop, from her coach. Embroidered with her quirky yet lovely charm, including making mistakes.

Jeon Hye-won is revealing her presence by attracting attention with her lively facial expressions and gestures in the atmosphere maker training room in the ‘Accelerate You’ team, as well as her charming speech and lines that both men and women can’t help but fall in love with. Not only that, but on her court, her strong gaze and passion conveyed by her sincerity, overflowing with a competitive spirit, increased her immersion.

Episode 9 of ‘Accelerate You’ will be broadcast on the 18th at 9:50 PM.

By Hwang So-young, staff reporter



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