JCH women’s team fights for two draws in the Judo NRW League | SKU

Judo: The second day of fighting in the NRW league for the women’s team of JC Holzwickede took place in the local Hilgenbaumhalle in Holzwickede. TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen and PSV Bochum were guests. If the JCH ladies were less successful on the first day of the fight, it was now a matter of fighting for important points for staying up in the league.

The JCH women had to go on the mat in the first encounter against the competition from Leverkusen. Since Holzwickede had occupied one weight class less, the first meeting started with this disadvantage. Here three victories in the individual fights could be achieved, which meant the first draw and the first point.

It was similar against PSV Bochum: The JCH ladies were able to win three fights here and also got a draw here. Carolin Körner and Jessica Mielke each won a fight for the JCH, Sandra Müller and Lea Reinecke each achieved two victories.

The next day of the fight on June 12th is against the teams from Kentai Bochum and PSV Herford. It is now important to prepare well and, if possible, to compete with the full strength of the team.

picture: The JCH ladies (back from left) Ann Christin Pisarski, Lea Reinecke, Sandra Müller, Lea Nimz; (front from left) Ulla Loosen, Carolin Körner and Jessica Mielke.


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