James Rodriguez on Twitch: would play Colombian football and buy a team | Colombian Football | Betplay League

James Rodriguez appeared again in Twitch and next to the basketball player Jaime Jesus Echenique They answered a few questions from their followers. They talked about everything.

The Colombian creative took advantage of the stream to talk a little more in depth about Colombian football: from the possibility of returning to the League to wanting to buy a team.

Regarding the possibility of playing in the local tournament before retirement, which by the way he sees as possible in “4-5 years”, he stated that it could be a reality because “one does not know in football what is going to happen”. That he did take the opportunity to joke saying that, due to his inactivity and others, “Lancers are the only ones that want me right now”.

He preferred not to give names of possible destinations, much less of the team that is a fan, but he assured that when he retires he will reveal it. Although it is said that he is the Sports Tolima For a photo that he uploaded recently, the man from the Colombian National Team clarified that the shirt was given to him last year and he simply wanted to put it on to play for a while.

He just remembered his passing with Envigadothe only club that had him at their services: “I already played with Giovanni Moreno, Dorlan Pabón, in B. We had a great match. Those who are from Medellín saw that 2007 Envigado with which we ascended to A. Dorlan, Jairo Palomino, Gio, Pelusa Orrego, Santiago Silvera, Mauricio González. Then Neider Morantes arrived. Juanfer wasn’t there yet.”

And he also revealed that the next guest on his stream will be ‘Gio’, with whom he has a very good relationship and they have even played video games on several occasions.

Another one he usually talks to is Theophilus Gutierrezwhom he considersa crack, it has a lot of quality”. Likewise, he said that the famous perfume that he recently launched “is going to send it to me”.

And finally he referred to the possibility of buying a team from the FPC. He joked, asking how much the card from Cúcuta Deportivo, his hometown club, was worth, and said with a laugh that he could make an offer. Later, in a more serious tone, he sentenced: “Investing is a good idea, it is one of the things that I have in mind. I’d love to”.



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