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Jaguars vs. Medellín, scheduled for this Saturday at 8:15 pmin Montería, finally did not take place, since the Antioquian team did not show up, due to the public order situation in Montería, as a result of the armed strike.

Since Friday, Medellín publicly reported that it would not travel to play this match, for the safety of its soccer players.

“The People’s Team informs the fans, the media and public opinion in general, that after evaluating the social and public order situation in the department of Córdoba, it has made the institutional decision not to travel to the city of Montería,” the DIM said in a statement.

Acolfutpro asked DImayor for the game to be postponed, but the governing body of Colombian soccer kept the game going.

There was also no TV signal, since Win Sports announced that it could not move its technical team. At the last minute, the channel made a broadcast with a journalistic camera.

At the time of the game, there was all the protocol. Jaguares took to the field, there were anthems, an official photo and referee Jorge Duarte blew the three whistles to declare the victory of the local team.

was not postponed

Medellín reported on Saturday night that the request to postpone the match against Jaguares FC in the city of Montería “was denied twice by Dimayor.”

This is his statement:

“It should be noted that the institution’s leadership established direct communication with the DIMAYOR Presidency on Friday when evaluating the situation in Montería, to agree on the best decisions for those involved in the party, receiving a negative response from the Dimayor who not only refused to postpone the date, but also, Jaguares FC did not accept the change of venue to be able to play the match today, as scheduled”.

“The entity argues that both the local authorities and the Metropolitan Police are committed to providing the guarantees to hold the event and made available to the club today, before the official response, a charter flight to transfer the institution’s delegation from Medellín to the airport located in Cereté, Córdoba. However, we file the formal request for postponement as indicated by the regular channel, indicating the reasons for it. Among others, we state that the routes from the airport and to the Jaraguay stadium are land-based. and outside the urban area, which represents a risk to the integrity of the club’s employees”.

“We regret the decision that weighs the development of the tournament, therefore, we directed a new request to DIMAYOR to reconsider the decision, to which we again received a negative response, without justification for such decision.”

After the victory of Jaguares was decreed, Acolfutpro spoke and stated:

“For the president of @Dimayor @F_JaramilloG, institutionality prevails over reality and despite the fact that there were no guarantees to protect soccer players, logistics personnel, @WinSportsTV personnel and fans, he maintained the match @JaguaresdeCord vs @DIM_Oficia”.

Jaguars win?

On the night of this Saturday, Jaguares arrived at the stadium for the match, despite the fact that they did not have a rival in front.

Montería authorities announced that all guarantees were in place for the match to be played.

Thus, and pending a statement from Dimayor, Jaguares would win the match by W.

If this is confirmed, the result will be 3-0, which will have implications in the table, where the Jaguares team is in the fight for the home run classification.




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