Ja Morant’s cash message after the Grizzlies victory!

Absent for the rest of the series, Ja Morant remains omnipresent for his teammates in Memphis. After the victory in Game 5, the local star notably sent a big message to the fans, just to mobilize the troops for the rest of the events.

The Grizzlies are not out of the woods yet, as they still have a victory behind the Warriors in these conference semifinals. The upcoming Game 6 on the Californians’ floor will therefore have to be won to avoid an immediate end to the season, but the momentum seems to be on their side again. In fact, by crushing Stephen Curry & co. in the fifth set (134-95, summary here), Taylor Jenkins’ men made it clear they hadn’t given up.

The tone was set from the start, with 39 points in the first quarter and the pace did not drop thereafter. Unsurprisingly, all were therefore elated on the side of the Bears, And Morant on your mind. Injured, the leader had to watch the game from the bench and obviously did not fail to encourage his teammates in person. Following the final whistle, he decided to send a clear message about the chances of his people, chanting the same words over and over:

Ja Morant predicts Memphis victory in Game 6

The Grizzlies will win in seven games!

The 2021-22 MIP is a firm believer in the fact that Memphis can equalize in the series, even if he will no longer be able to lend a hand to his squad. In effect, he should miss the rest of the playoffs following his knee injury, which of course is a big blow to the franchise. Nevertheless, it has proven this season that it could quite cope with the absence of its franchise player. His record without Morant on this campaign? 21 wins for 5 losses, just that.

As a result, the number 12 has every reason in the world to believe in his teammates, and now takes care of galvanizing everyone. It also goes through spades sent to the opponent, and he is not embarrassed with his provocation towards Curry after the game. The former Murray State did not stop there, since he added a layer later, this time on social networks:

Ja Morant believes in a victory in Game 6 and therefore in a showdown between Grizzlies and Warriors, just as he is convinced that his team will go to the conference finals. Such an attitude will certainly be appreciated by his teammates!



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