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Shoot tomorrow, Friday 13 Maywith the advance (ore 20.30) between Padova Baseball e UnipolSai Fortitudo Bolognathe last round of the first phase of the championship of Serie A Baseball. All to be decided in group D: lo Spirulina Becagli BBC Grossetoin search of the first place, goes to Macerata (Race 2, Saturday 14 May, live from 8 pm on FIBSTV e MS Channelchannel 814 of Sky) where theHotsand is forced to win to hit the Scudetto poule goal while the Neptune 1945who chases a length but has the advantage in direct clashes, hosts the “Steno Borghese”OM Valpanaro Bologna Athletics last in the group. In group A, the direct confrontation between Campidonico Turin e Cagliari Baseball, it is instead from inside or outside that of group C between Comcor Modena e Hort @ Godoseparated by a length.

It starts from Padova where, at the “Plebiscito”, on Friday evening (7 pm) the advance of the 7th round with race one of the series will be staged (it will end on Saturday with race two at “Gianni Falchi”) between the hosts of Narciso Ferrer and there UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna. Effe by Daniele Frignani, already certain of qualification and first place in group B for some time, is keen to confirm the unbeaten status and aims to reach the appointment with the Scudetto in the best possible form. It is therefore obvious that he will not ignore the appointment with the red and white team, which he can boast in Enrique Hatma (2 home runs and 11 points served at home) e Raffaele Medoro (.400 / .520 / .550) two of the best hitters in the league.

The attention of all fans, it is useless to deny it, will all be focused on group C and group D, in particular on Godo’s “Casadio”, on “Giuseppe Vita” of Macerata and on “Steno Borghese”, where up for grabs there are two places for the Scudetto poule and the scepter of group D.

L’Hort @ Godo (10-2) boasts a length ahead of the Comcor Modena (9-3), this means that a success is enough for Ravenna to qualify as second force while the canaries are obliged to win all of them. Both have followed a similar path and come from almost identical moments of form. After the defeats with the San Marino (12-0) – who makes sure the former MLB pitcher Andre Rienzo for the appointments of the Scudetto and Champions Cup and which Saturday is expected in Parma from Farma Crocetta returning Wednesday night from a walk-off victory against the Milan New Rimini (which will host the Ermes Sala Baganza Fountain) – Stefano Naldoni’s Romagnoli have won four consecutive games showing off with 45 points scored and just 5 suffered against Sala Baganza and Longbridge 2000, victim in the last weekend of the launches of Matteo Galeotti e you Eddy Garciathan with the Modenese Erik Soto shares the first place in the victories category (5). Marcello Malagoli’s Modena is less constant in attack but is still back from three convincing successes over Torre Pedrera and Sala and can count on a solid pitching staff. The mound and the defense of Romagna will have to keep at bay above all Alex Russo (the best hitter from Modena with two home runs and ten points beaten at home) and the veteran Juan Carlos Infante, who at 41 remains a constant threat between the bases with seven stolen this season. During the first phase of the championship, Godo has nevertheless shown to have a more homogeneous and, above all, lethal lineup with seven batters capable of hitting over .300 of average batting.

Definitely more detailed is the situation in group D where it is Spirulina Becagli Grosseto by Jairo Ramos is certain of qualification but not of first place. In the sixth and last round of the “circle of the two seas”, Spirulina Grosseto will pay a visit to theHotsand Macerata – currently second and at a distance from Grosseto – who boasts a game advantage (but the disadvantage in the direct match) on Neptune BC 1945which will instead host the “Steno Borghese”OM Valpanaro Bologna Athletics currently last in the company ofAcademy of Nettuno (which Sunday is on stage in Grosseto against the Big-Mat by Stefano Cappuccini). Game two of the challenge between Hotsand Macerata e Spirulina Becagli Grosseto will be broadcast live on FIBSTV e MS Channel (Sky channel 814).

In the event of a double success from Macerata, Hotsand would jump to first place while Spirulina would pass as second force even in the case of a double from Neptune. In order to pass the round, Neptune must win – possibly two games – and hope for at least one success for Ramos’ team, who would secure first place in the group with at least one victory over the Marche diamond. Fabrizio Ludovisi’s team can afford to lose a match but only in the event of a double defeat by Macerata, otherwise they would lose the train for the Scudetto poule. The matches will be played simultaneously (15.30 and 20.30) on Saturday 14 May.

Situation still fully in progress in group A where only the Parmaclima (unbeaten and already sure of the first place) and the Senago (Parma and Senago will face each other on Sunday) have played the twelve games scheduled up to now. Campidonico Turin (7-4), Cagliari e Seventh (6-4) still have matches to play and this still keeps the question of qualifying for the Scudetto poule open. Surely the highlight of the day is the direct clash scheduled for Saturday in Turin between the Campidonico Grizzlies and the Cagliari, back from a fluctuating period. The Piedmontese bears, on the other hand, after the last defeat suffered in the derby against Settimo Torinese, made up for it with four consecutive successes, showing above all the launch mound (José Rodriguez e Anthony Arcila represent a good quality combo) and a very smooth attack that sees in Maurizio De Maria e Jesus Carrera two drivers. At the level of individuals, however, Walter Angioi’s Cagliari is certainly no less: Reinaldo Pestana (two home runs), Jose Cuesta (three triples and two saves) e Gabriele Angioi they are the leaders of the team as well as obviously the pitcher Javier Fandino who boasts a complete game and is at the top of the championship for shooting (35.1) and strikeout (51, second behind Eddy Garcia del Godo). To remain clinging to the dream of the Scudetto, Cagliari will have to do everything to leave Turin as a winner, or at least to avoid damage. In the event of a double Turin success, the outcome of the Sunday series between will be important Baseball Seventh e Platform-TMC Poviglio scheduled at the “Aluffi” in Settimo Torinese. In the event of a double defeat against a Poviglio in crisis of results and with an often inattentive defense, then the Grizzlies would see more closely the access to the Scudetto poule. What is certain, however, is that Ernesto Wong’s Seventh, who this year has already achieved excellent results, will give everything possible to prolong the head-to-head and in this regard will rely on the launches of Yoel Suarez e Mattia Varalda – in search of redemption after a difficult start against Cagliari – and on the rounds of the club of Carlos Boza (five doubles) e Federico Calvothe two best “run producers” of the team.

Also scheduled for Sunday, in group A, is the series between Ciemme Oltretorrente e Ecotherm Brescia but there is very little at stake if not, for the Oltretorrente, the opportunity to close the first phase with a positive record in a very level group or, for the Brescia players, the attempt to avoid the last place.

Similar speech in group B where the games have already been closed for some time. If Fortitudo Bologna will deal with Padova, the Camec Collecchio will host Saturday the Metalco Dragons Castellana, relegated to the last place in the group. The blues and whites can no longer undermine the first place in Fortitudo and they don’t have much to ask but finish in double figures with the victories and prepare in the best possible way for the championship race. The same goal of the other teams, who already have their eyes turned to the salvation phase and aim only to preserve the support positions. On this day i New Black Panthers Ronchi dei Legionari they aim to keep the fourth position against the Tecnovap Verona, who has a game to catch up and is half a length away from the “black panthers”. After a complicated start with five consecutive defeats and seven in the first eight games, the Scaligers rolled up their sleeves and climbed up in the standings thanks to the victories against Dragons and Sultan Cervignano, confirming good skills. Me too’Itas Mutua Bsc Rovigo, who will play in Cervignano on Sunday, has the same goals as the New Black Panthers. The Rovigo team really missed access to the Scudetto by a whisker (two games away with Collecchio, the double defeat two weeks ago was decisive) confirming the good things shown in the past season. Now he has the opportunity to close keeping the winning record and the third position in the group, a good business card in view of the race to safety.





Luca Giangrande

Advance 7th round of the qualifying phase

Gir. B: Friday 13/5 (8.30 pm) Padua – UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna

The rest of the complete program

Gir. A: Saturday 14/5: Campidonico Turin – Cagliari; Sunday 15/5: Ciemme Oltretorrente – Ecotherm Brescia; Senago – Parmaclima; Seventh – Platform-TMC Poviglio

Gir. B: Saturday: NBP Ronchi dei Legionari – Tecnovap Verona; Camec Collecchio – Metalco Castelfranco Veneto; UnipolSai Bologna – Padua; Sunday: Sultan Cervignano – Itas Mutua Rovigo

Gir. C: Saturday: Mediolanum New Rimini – Fontana Ermes Sala Baganza; Comcor Modena – Hort @ Godo; Farma Crocetta – San Marino; Sunday: Longbridge – Torre Pedrera Falcons

Gir. D: (6th and last round) Saturday: Hotsand Macerata – Spirulina Becagli Grosseto; Nettuno 1945 – OM Valpanaro Bologna Athletics; Sunday: Big-Mat Bsc Grosseto – Academy Nettuno.


Gir. A: Parmaclima (12–0), 1,000; Campidonico Tor (7-4), .636; Cagliari and Settimo (6-4). 600; Ciemme Olt (5-6), .455, Platform TMC Pov (4-7) .364; Senago (3-9), .250; Ecotherm Bre (1-10), .091.

Gir. B: UnipolSai Bo (12–0), 1,000; Camec Col (9-3), .750; Itas Mutua Rov (7-5), .583; NBP Ronchi (5-7) .417; Tecnovap Ver (4-7), .364; Sultan Cerv, Padua (4-8), 333; Metalco Cas (2-9),. 182.

Gir. C: St. Marino (12-0), 1,000; Hort@God (10–2), .833; Comcor Mod (9-3), .750; Cro Farm (8-4), .667; Longbridge (4-8), .333; Mediolanum Rim (3-9), .250; CSA TP (2-10), .167; Fontana Ermes Hall B. (0-12), .000

Gir. D: Spirulina Becagli Gr (7–1), .875; Hotsand Mc (6-2), .750; Nettuno 1945 (5-3), .625; Big Mat Gr (4-4), .500; Orange Academy Net e OM Valpanaro Bo (1-7), .125.

Parmaclima (group A), UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna and Camec Collecchio (group B), San Marino (group C) and Spirulina Becagli BBC Grosseto (group D) already qualified for the Scudetto poule.

In the photo (by Lauro Bassani / PhotoBass) Simone Campazzi from Comcor Modena.



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