it discusses about Dani Ceballos

Published on 09 May 2022 at 20:02 par

Johan Baudin

Real Madrid: it discusses Dani CeballosReal Madrid: it discusses Dani Ceballos

Talks are said to be underway regarding midfielder Dani Ceballos. A departure would be under study for the Iberian player.

Under contract until June 2023 with Real Madrid, midfielder Dani Ceballos would have asked his leaders to leave during the next summer transfer window. The people of Madrid would have agreed to grant him an exit voucher.

Regarding his future, his name has recently circulated on the side of Inter Milan but the Spanish international (11 caps, 1 goal) could stay in Spain. According to daily information AS, discussions are said to be underway with Betis Seville. An agreement would even be on track on the basis of an estimated transfer fee of 12 million euros.


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