Isparta News – Wheelchair basketball team to Isparta

Nurettin ARKAN/ISPARTA, (DHA) – A wheelchair basketball team was established in ISPARTA within the body of 6 Mart Sports Club and started its work.
He established a sports club in Isparta in order to raise awareness among disabled sports fans. The sports club, called ‘March 6’, first established a wheelchair basketball team and started working to compete in the 3rd League next year. Basketball coach Pınar Gök assumed the presidency of the club.
The club’s statement on the subject included the following information:
“In addition to wheelchair basketball, Isparta 6 Mart Sports Club will participate in basketball leagues in the categories of juniors, stars and young girls and boys. In addition, 6 Mart Sports Club will organize summer sports schools in the summer. Training will be provided at summer sports schools with experienced coaching staff.
Stating that their aim is to bring talented young people into Turkish sports, Isparta 6 Mart Sports Club President Pınar Gök said that they want to enable disabled people to take more place in the society with the wheelchair basketball team they will form. Stating that he believes the people of Isparta will support them in this process, President Pınar Gök said, “We want to identify our talented youth in basketball, volleyball, swimming and tennis branches and bring them into Turkish sports. In addition, we will ensure that our disabled brothers and sisters take more place in the field of sports with the projects we will do. “We sincerely believe that the people of Isparta will not leave us alone in the projects we will do with our friends. We have a team that believes that sports will overcome every obstacle. I would like to thank everyone who will contribute to us in this process,” he said.




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