Instructions for Tigre and Argentinian fans

After the two semifinals of the Copa Binance 2022 remained to know the information on ticket sales and locations for fans of Tigre and of Argentineswho will face each other on the field of Hurricane, on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Yes, both fans will be part of the show, rekindling the sacred flame of Argentine soccer through the passion of the supporters. This strong bet of the AFA Professional Football League It is the first step in the dream that one of the most important festivals in our country can definitively return, if everything turns out as the world of the most popular sports expects: full-court matches, with the passion of both fans overflowing the stages.

Ticket sales will be made, in both cases, through the platform . Both Tigre and Argentinos will have the same number of popular and stalls. For his part, to go and encourage the Matador ticket sales will start tomorrow at 10, only for members with a daily feeleaving open the possibility of sale for the general public in case there is a remnant of unsold tickets to members. Instead, for the stands of Argentinos the sale will be freealso from 10.

It should be noted that so that there is no resale of tickets or their falsification, a system was used in which the tickets will not be physical but digital and that supporters will enter with their ID, because the tickets will be personalized.

By virtue of the presence of the two biases, and following the steps taken in major soccer events in the world, there will be guides with megaphones around the stadium, guiding supporters to their respective sectors and entrances. In the maps that graph this note, you can see the streets and doors through which the followers of each team must enter. In this sense, highly visible orientation signs will also be displayed in the area.

Within the security scheme, there will be four systems used: double control of DNI (which are equivalent to digital tickets), the Tribuna Segura program, the police search and the presence of private security distributed in the entrance rings (the first will be at 250 meters from the stadium). The stadium will open three hours before kick-off time. The authorities of the security organizations advise that those who attend the Lanús stadium do so with enough time to avoid crowds or crowds.

If these final instances of the Binance Cup are carried out successfully, the victory will belong to everyone and it will be a great advance towards the general dream: that the parties of the two biases return to our football. That same passion that turned football in Argentina into a religion.

In this map, all the details of income and previous controls:



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