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Deportivo Independiente Medellín – Intimate Forms was eliminated from the Women’s League 2022when calling in the return game 0-0 con Deportivo Pereirawho came with a minimal advantage in the series.

In a very disputed and friction match, with arbitration influence, the powerful ones did not achieve the comeback and ended their way in this championship. The matecañas continue to make history and will face defending champion Deportivo Cali in the semifinals.

With an offensive proposal, DIM-FI took the field in search of a comeback against a team from Pereira that stood up well and used the counterattack. At minute 4, the visit generated the first arrival with a shot by Maryluz Montillo, but the ball crashed on the horizontal.

11 minutes passed for Medellín to be able to clearly approach the opposite goal. It was Melissa Rivas, who finished off, but goalkeeper Sofía Buitrago managed to control the ball. The game went back and forth, again Montillo disturbed the red goal, but Valery Restrepo was attentive to avoid the goal.

At minute 25, Medellín attacked his rival again, with a filtered ball from Yesica Muñoz, unfortunately Greicy Landázury failed to connect the pass. Ten minutes later, a left footed shot by Yesica, demanded the goalkeeper Buitrago. The game heated up and the strong leg increased, at minute 40, Sandy Moreno of DIM-FI saw the first yellow card of the match.

Muñoz did not give up and at minute 41, he finished off the goal from mid-range, but the ball hit the right vertical, saving the visiting team again. The first half ended with the series in favor of Pereira and a DIM-FI that had significant support from the stands, but was unable to score that goal that equalized the series.

In the complementary stage, Medellín made a change, Nerimar Suárez entered instead of Yulissa Sánchez. At minute 12, a charge at the risk of DIM-FI almost ended in the first goal of the match, three minutes later, a header by Sofía García, the ball crashed into the crossbar, saving the Pereira team. At minute 19, the visitors had a clear opportunity through Montillo, but his shot went wide.

With the passing of the minutes, the visiting team improved in its attack, Medellín could not be solid and allowed Pereira to arrive easily, although it lacked forcefulness. Averaging half an hour into the second half, the game was cut short, with tactical fouls by the visitors, who felt comfortable managing the advantage on the scoreboard.

About minute 40, Liced Serna was expelled, a decision discussed by the entire DIM-FI team and disapproved by the spectators. The red team was left with 10 players and still lacked the goal to force the launch from the penalty spot. At minute 41, a counterattack was not completed by Greicy Landázury, who sent the ball wide.

The spirits were heated due to the decisions of the central judge Vanessa Ceballos, who did not let the process of the match flow. In the end, Medellín could not score and Pereira advanced to the semifinal, where he will face Deportivo Cali.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8



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