Imdet Announces Vacation Plan – ZETA

The Municipal Sports Institute (IMDET) presented the 2022 edition of the Vacation Plan for All, which will take place this year from July 11 to August 5.

The CREA, Tijuana, Del Bosque and Parque Azteca sports units will be the venues where the activity that seeks to promote an active and healthy life in minors will take place, away from a sedentary lifestyle and the diseases to which it leads.

“We are hiring trained personnel and, above all, those who already have experience in this type of event,” said IMDET director Cecilio Humberto Hernández González, who pointed out that the para-municipal will not skimp on guaranteeing the safety of minors who attend the event.

This year the categories will be divided into five groups that will be distinguished by colors, Ants (purple), for children 4-5 years old; Lynxes (blue), for children under 6-7 years old; Gazelles (red), for 8-9 years; Raccoons (yellow), for 10-11 years, and Tigers (orange), for 12-13 years.

The activities that will take place this year are Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Recreational Games, Ultimate Frisbee, Gymnastics / Cheerleading, Swimming, Crafts, Dance / Dance, Karate-Do, Badminton, Tochito and Aquatic Activities.

Registration costs will depend on the Sports Unit, at CREA and Tijuana it will be 1,392.77 pesos, at Del Bosque it will be 910.66 pesos and at Parque Azteca, the only one that will not offer the Swimming option, it will be 484.79 pesos. Records will be held in the administrative offices of each campus.

The requirements to register in the Vacation Plan are to pay the registration fee, fill out the registration form, submit a medical certificate and submit two child-sized photographs. Registration includes credential and t-shirt, talent detection for Sports Initiation Centers and security within the facilities.

The Vacation Plan press conference took place this Tuesday at the El Trompo Interactive Museum, an institution with which IMDET signed a collaboration agreement to carry out visits as part of the summer activity. There will also be visits to the SIMPATT zoo.

Present at the conference were the Secretary of Welfare Gerardo López Montes, the Councilor President of the Youth and Sports Commission Sandra Betsaida Magaña Ríos, the Marketing Manager of El Trompo Museum Ana Laura Garibay and the technical deputy director of IMDET Luis Ángel Luna Martínez. Smaller representatives from each category also attended.




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