Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | Ščotka wants to bring something around her neck

“Somehow I can’t even describe the feelings. I appreciate every minute on the ice and I think the whole team perceives that we are here now so that the time without a medal does not stretch. We wish it to ourselves, but also to the whole nation, “says the Finnish player Jyväskylä, for whom it was not easy to deal with the stress of the quarterfinals against Germany.

“It was quite difficult for the head, because it is the only match that decides whether you get a chance of success at all or not. I have to admit, I was quite nervous before the match, but with the first bull it went away. And I’m glad it worked out, “he recalls.

He also appreciates how the whole team was able to switch to play off mode. “We thought we had to play simply, help ourselves by blocking missiles, even with a hit. Just something that annoys and encourages the inverter. I think we did it all, each player left the maximum on the ice. And we have to stay with it on the weekend, “he says.

According to him, the national team has the best possible example in the approach of the elite attack with the center David Krejčí and the wings David Pastrňák and Roman Červenka. “When you see Krejča finishing it and cutting it. Worm and Pasta the same, hat down before these guys play and pull us here, “says Ščotka.

Another basic building block must be the goalkeeper, Karel Vejmelka radiated calm and foresight even in the quarterfinals. He did not get more than a goal in the fourth match in a row. “It’s just Kaja. It’s really nice to look at him on that ice, because he catches really calmly and the pucks don’t fall out of him, “says Ščotka, who was a member of the eighteen with Vejmelka, Pastrňák, Smejkal, Špaček, Vrána and Černoch, who in 2014 brought from Finnish silver.

“It simply came to our notice then. We all remember the way to the medal, we really enjoyed it then. And again, we want to bring something around our necks. My wife already wrote to me that she was having lunch with her dad somewhere and that people were talking about hockey next door. It’s great to hear people live that way. We really appreciate how the people here and on television support us and we will do our best to have common joy, “says Ščotka.



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