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Good performance, Rakuten’s immovable lead-off man

Haruki Nishikawa has had no prejudice or stereotypes against Rakuten since last year when he was enrolled in Nippon-Ham.

As the team’s ERA of 2.40 this season (all results are as of May 11th / same below) shows, I know that the level of pitchers is high. Therefore, in order to give them a sense of stability, the outfielder defensively sharpens his nerves and backs up, saying, “I will definitely catch the hit ball that I can catch.”

Haruki Nishikawa playing at Rakuten from this season
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The defensive consciousness is also utilized in base running.

319 stolen bases in total. Speedster, who has four titles, always looks ahead to the first base. His awareness that “I’m not that strong” is directly linked to his own self, such as positioning, how to chase the ball, and the accuracy of throwing, and a calm analysis of the opponent’s defense.

“I think that every player who can play an active role has the ability.”

This word oozes pride.

Nishikawa, however, gives it back to Rakuten without making it his own achievement. While generously conveying the techniques cultivated from the spring camp, “There is a enthusiastic coaching of young coaches (in charge of outfield defense base running), Manabu Satake, so I think it is connected as a result. We value harmony. The team’s stolen base was already 45, more than half of last year’s 32. He is modest, but the numbers tell the effect.

Show off the function of color development even in batting.

Batting average .293, 29 points, on-base percentage .439. Far from being ranked high in the league, the number required for the first batter is 24 RBIs, scoring area batting average .444, slugging percentage .534, OPS.974. Demonstrate the strength of the game that surpasses even.

Creates a flow as a lead-off man and plays a role as a clutch hitter at chance. The number that is the basis for this is the foreball. The 30th place in the league is also a proof that Nishikawa is swinging the tact as the cornerstone of the attack because he can identify the ball.

“I think I’m just not swinging a ball that I can’t hit. It means that I can make good contact with the ball that I thought I could hit.”



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