Hérault: a 41-year-old Montpellier resident denies being the author of a stab in the throat during a party

The facts date back to September 9. Presented before the court in the context of an immediate appearance, the defendant asked for a delay to prepare his defense. He has just been placed under judicial supervision pending his trial postponed at the end of June.

“I ask for a delay to prepare my defense. I have nothing to do with what I am accused of. I work, I have a permanent contract. I am a normal citizen”, indicated at the bar of the judicial court this 41-year-old Montpellier resident, prosecuted for acts of violence with a weapon, committed on September 9 during the Saussan festival.

That evening, around 9:30 p.m., a man, alcoholic, was seriously injured with a knife. Supported by the firefighters of Sdis 34 in a condition deemed critical, he presented a penetrating wound in the throat. Emergency operated, he miraculously got out of it with 30 days of ITT.

He denies his presence that night

The suspect, designated by the victim, is unfavorably known to the courts. His criminal record shows seven convictions, three of which were for violence with a weapon. The latest facts dating back to 2018. “During his arrest, the gendarmes found in his vehicle a baseball bat and a petanque ball”was surprised the representative of the public prosecutor’s office, before requesting his continued detention on remand.

“Nine months after the facts, we are asking for detention on the grounds of a potential reiteration of the facts, it is not consistent, protested the defense attorney. Especially since five witnesses say they do not recognize my client. And for good reason, he denies his presence that evening.

Judicial control subject to several obligations

Pending the trial returned at the end of June, the defendant was placed under judicial supervision with a ban on possessing a weapon, entering into contact with the victim and appearing in Saussan.



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