Hennessy wants “shared prosperity” with the wine world

We checked it on May 9, 10 and 11 in Cognac, where the number 1 cognac brought together its 1,600 winegrowing partners. The meeting took place at Espace 3000, in a basketball court-style setting. Yes, Hennessy wants to play as a team. At a time when supplies of wine and brandies are tight, the house pampers its delivery people. She wants “shared prosperity” with the Charente wine world. Five measures were presented by Florent Morillont, director of institutional affairs, and Stéphane Baudribos, director of development of wine relations.

These measures are primarily financial:

1) a so-called “sustainable partnership” premium, which can go up to €100 per hectolitre of pure alcohol, depending on the intensity of the partnership with Hennessy and the operator’s commitment to sustainable viticulture;

2) the proposal to make the new planting rights eligible for the SICA de Bagnolet (the merchant’s associated cooperative, which would provide cash by buying two- and three-year-old eaux-de-vie);

3) the purchase of all wines and spirits at a minimum reference price, with new “quality” bonuses.

Laurent Boillot, CEO of Hennessy, surrounded by Stéphane Baudribos (on the left), new director of development of wine relations, and Florent Morillont, director of institutional affairs.

Anne Lacaud/ “South West”

Finally, Hennessy promises “closer proximity with the members of the tasting committee”, via:

4) shared tasting sessions and meetings in the field, with the winegrowers, in all the crus;



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