HC DYNAMO PARDUBICE – The most modern hockey arena in Europe will be built in Pardubice, k Petr Ddek

Investor Petr Ddek and his team prepared a project of a new multifunctional arena in Pardubice. It will be the home stadium of Dynamo Pardubice. The most suitable localities in the area were selected in the area of ​​the racecourse.

We have a capacity of 13,500 children for hockey and 15,000 for concerts. The whole complex includes, in addition to the main hall, a market area, a hotel with a restaurant and congress halls, a parking lot, which will be a new grandstand for racing. A total of 1,600 parking spaces will be created. The system is fully built with facilities for the hockey academy, including hostels for young games and classrooms. In the area there will be a swimming pool, a pool, a regenerated line. We fill the arna as an energy-efficient building with ecological operation and the use of green energy. The full operation also includes economic operation, not the existing enteria arena, describes Petr Ddek.

Expected costs are currently between 3-4 billion crowns.

Arna will be my private investment. It is based on real costs, given that the DD group is the developer of many projects, which has known prices for construction for a very long time. By purchasing land from the city from the city means for the construction of road crossings, which will serve the arsenal and the racing association. Pardubice will not become a pension, and on the contrary, the city will bring income from real estate tax, accommodation fees, will bring entrepreneurs in the city income from tourism and in the long run will become another symbol of Pardubice, to Ddek.

As part of multifunctionality, the project also includes other sports. The parameters of the main and the mainstays of the hall will allow, for example, tennis tournaments ATP and WTA Tour, but also motocross races or basket show jumping will be served in the arena.

At the end of the meeting is a hotel with a capacity of 400 drugs and congress rooms, which can accommodate up to 500 guests. The hall itself will meet the requirements of the concert promoter. These include demands for acoustics, lighting, ground and logistics.

In the architectural design, we started from the organic shapes of the factory and tried to make the arena ideal to suit the space and environment in which it can grow. There are various ideas in the shape of the arna, but for us it is the primary heart that beats for Pardubice hockey, explains Tom Vymetlek on behalf of Tom Vymetlek Architects.

Our consulting team includes representatives of hotel centers, production companies serving concerts, congresses and trade fairs. We have been working intensively on the details for a year. Among them are local appearance, sound, light. The hall will allow a wall and 100 tons. Just for comparison, the enteria arena is only 17 tons. The conditions for television transmissions are a key element of functionality. We cooperate with experts from esk television, we consult camera positions with them. The hall will also be ready for so-called duln transfers. This means transmission from both sides of the hall for various television productions at the same time, to the media and marketing consultant Pavel Poulek.

The advantage of the locality is the proximity of the city center and at the same time to fly. Synergick will use the arny to seduce throughout the year and during races.

We want arna ila celoron. The system will be a museum of Pardubice hockey with dreams and we would like to see the Great Pardubice Museum in the city. Hockey and the Great Pardubice are symbols of the city, Petr Ddek arrives and continues.

I often get a question about how it will be for me. The project has a long-term return, but it is not primarily cl. When you go down in history, Tom Baa, a very entrepreneur of the world, built not only a factory, but bicycles, hospitals, theaters. I want to say that arna m pedevm used for sports. Especially the time when the city and the cities will need every private investment and arna is a private project for the city.

I take it as a part of responsibility for the club that dm. A new arna is inevitable. Reconstruction of the enteria arena would cost several hundred million crowns in five years. This is the best moment. Pt season we will celebrate 100 years of the club and this is a deposit to give hundreds, to the investor construction.

The construction should take three years and the duty is opened at the end of August 2025.


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