Hannover 96: Martin Kind confirms layoffs: Jan Zimmermann thrown out in court? – 2nd Bundesliga

Martin Kind (78) will probably not be able to get rid of the three coaches that easily and probably not that cheaply either.

BILD reported exclusively that the 96 boss had fired three coaches in the past few days. The expulsion hat-trick hit Jan Zimmermann (42) and the two assistant coaches Jens Jansen (46) and Kai Hesse (36). All had notices of 96 in the mailbox.

When asked yesterday, Zimbo confirmed: “Yes, I received mail from Hannover 96.” The ex-head coach, who has been released since November 2020, did not want to say more.

It’s not necessary either. Kind answered a written BILD request – and confirmed the wave of terminations.

The 96 boss: “Hannover 96 acted in accordance with the contract and implemented jointly agreed contract terms. We will not comment publicly on details.”

That’s what it’s all about: The three coaches came to the Reds before the past season. Zimbo brought Jansen from Havelse, Hesse was brought from Schalke II. All have signed contracts until 2023 – including an expulsion clause. It says that 96 can end the collaboration early on July 1, 2022 if the Reds “do not reach a single-digit table position”. 96 ended the second division season two weeks ago in 11th place, three points (and six goals) behind Ninth Kiel.

Formally, the expulsion requirement would be met. But apparently it’s not that simple.

Will Zimbo’s eviction end in court?

After that it looks. Because Zimmermann and Jansen had no chance to show that they would have finished the season with the Reds in the top half of the table – they were “released” after just 15 match days. According to BILD information, both have already consulted with lawyers. The trainers have three weeks to file a (dismissal protection) lawsuit.

The case with Hesse is different. In contrast to Zimbo and Jansen, he continued to work under Zimmermann’s successor Christoph Dabrowski until the end of the season. Hesse came to an agreement at the age of 96 and accepted the termination. Boss Kind confirms: “Talks have already been held with Kai Hesse, so that his engagement with Hannover 96 will end on June 30, as contractually agreed.”

It will probably end up in court with Zimbo and Jansen.



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