Great return of the Caccia Village

Finally we start with the Hunting Villageil National Exhibition of Hunting and Shooting among the most important in Italy, which from today until May 15 2022 opens its doors to fans of the hunting world, and to anyone who wants to approach this activity always in the Umbriafiere Exhibition Center, Bastia Umbra (PG).

On the field brand new ideas and projects for a new edition in the name of TRAINING.

The three days will be full of thematic events, seminar activities, demonstrations, book presentations and training courses in which experts and consultants among the most appreciated on the international scene will intervene.

The first edition of Wild Food edited by Chiara Comparozzian all-round story about “wild” food, not only wild food, but also harvested food.

In fact, we will talk about game, game, but also about tubers, roots and spontaneous herbs, all products coming from the forest through which to create food culture, since they support the gastronomic identity of a territory and are the expression of its agri-food biodiversity.

“WILD FOOD” will be a container for many micro events, where exponents of the hunting world, industry professionals, expert collectors, journalists, nutritionists, but also chefs (among them Marco Lagrimino *, Paolo Trippini, Giancarlo Polito, Giacomo Ramacci and Lorenzo Cantoni) and foraging experts such as La Clarice Orto Sinergico, who through interesting cooking shows, will introduce step by step all the necessary practices to bring to the table products with high nutritional value, good, healthy and tasty. And to enjoy wild food there are also points dedicated to food with BRADO, a highly successful catering project based on the use of game and game.

Fun, knowledge and study of the subject. This will be the leitmotif of Wild Food, to clear customs with awareness and knowledge of the facts, concepts and prejudices about hunting food.

During the three days of the event there will also be talks and debates in collaboration with the UNA Foundation (Man, Nature, Environment) already active on these issues and with the participation of the journalist Martina Liverani, author for Gambero Rosso of an article dedicated to ethics of hunted food.

To participate in the talks and moderate them, journalists from the “food” sector such as Margo Schächter, Camilla Rocca, Marco Colognese and others.

FOOD WILD, will deal closely and in a practical way, important issues such as food safety, traceability of supply chains and proper nutrition, but also the potential development of local micro-economy generated by this induced.

The goal at the end of the event will be to give life to a real WILD FOOD MANIFESTO, to increase awareness of a food chain to be enhanced, its quality, its cultural, social, economic and historical gastronomic value.

IN SUMMARY FOR THIS NEW EDITION MANY NEWS, a new exhibition layout and training at the center.

From questthen the fair is organized around two dimensions: internal and external.

In the part set up inside it will be possible to meet large companies and their products and to do certified training in the appropriate areas.

In the external area we will find the shooting lines and spaces dedicated to dog lovers.

Everything revolves around 3 thematic nuclei.

Wild Food; Certified Educational and Training Courses and Guaranteed Used

But not only! This year for the first time ever we will be able to visit the authoritative Woodcock Museum right inside the Caccia Village 2022. During the whole event the Anghiari museum will move, in fact, with its works to Bastia Umbra.

Furthermore, there will be no lack of experiences at the shooting ranges managed by the most prestigious companies in the sector, to which questyear for the first time, one dedicated to the world ofavancarica.

The new shooting shows are highly anticipated, with international record holders Raniero Testa and Davide De Carolis. All sponsored by Italian Shooting Federation. Ample space will have one of the most popular forms of shooting and hunting in the world, namely the one with thebow thanks to the masters of the Italian Federation of Hunting Sport Weapons Disciplines.

The FIDASC will be present on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May to show the public, thanks to the presence of its federal teachers and instructors, 2 of the disciplines that make the Federation an absolute point of reference for sportsmen and enthusiasts of all hunting sports.

In fact, during the weekend there will be demonstrations of Archery, on three shooting lines, all day at the Shooting Area.

Saturday 14 May, from 15.00 to 18.00 in the square of the Exhibition Center, a moment of sure interest and fun for young and old: the federal instructors will show the discipline of Agility Dog to the public.

During the two days there will be space for courses, seminars and awards for FIDASC athletes (at 3.00 pm on Saturday 14th, at the Federation stand).

In addition, for fans there will also be a 2-day Village of dog lovers and dog techniques curated by Serena Donini.

Finally, the structural partner of the event will be lZagreb Fair Authority, which will see Croatia participate as a Guest Country in the name of concord andfriendship between peoples in the name of hunting.

A lot of news and a lot of enthusiasm for this edition, therefore, make commitments because on 13 – 14 – 15 May it is forbidden to miss.



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