good results for the athletes of the OK Club Imperia at the Italy Under 15 Trophy

On Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May the Lombard stage of the Italy Under 15 Trophylike always large participation of athletes that gave birth to exciting and top-level encounters.

L’OK CLUB Imperia is also present on this occasion with a large group that covers almost all categories, Breeze Giulio -46 kg, Floris Lorenzo -81 kg, Gilli Fabrizio -50 kg, Petunia Giacomo -73 kg, Scevola Paolo -50 kg, Sini Francesca -40 kg, Torresan Giorgia -52 kg.

The matches begin on Saturday with the men’s categories that see Brezza as the first athlete to go down on the tatami, Giulio wins the first meeting but it comes stopped at the second from a strong athlete who unfortunately does not recover it. Less fortunate the race for Floristhe strong athlete in the category at the limit of 81 kg fails to get the better of his opponent and unfortunately does not access the recoveries, same thing for Gilli he too is an athlete with excellent characteristics but who cannot find the right condition in this race.

Paolo Scevola ainstead face the competition at its best of his chances and after 4 matches won ranks fifth in the general classificationan excellent position that gives good hopes for the next meetings.

Athlete of the day Petunia in the 73 kg limit category, Giacomo lines up 5 matches where the opponent dominates by managing to close each match in the first minutewell deserved first place for the athlete from Imperia che places it in an excellent position in the national category ranking list.

On Sunday the very fierce girls take part in the competition, Sini Francesca he has a great start in 40 kg with a series of 4 wins but is stopped in the semifinal e it ranks to a very honorable fifth place.

Excellent signals also from Torresan Giorgia than in the difficult category of 52 kg wins a match but unfortunately is stopped at recoveries.

Positive weekend for the OK CLUB that in the men’s club ranking close to the podium finishing in fourth place but with orttimi signs for the future stages of the Italian Trophy.



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