Golden State Warriors coach impeached senators

Ztwo minutes, fifty seconds are enough. 170 seconds of Golden State Warriors pro-basketball coach Steve Kerr showing the power of a sport’s voice, even when it breaks. Especially when it breaks.

Hours after an 18-year-old boy murdered 19 elementary school kids and two teachers with an assault rifle in Uvalde, Texas, Kerr used his team’s pre-game press conference in Dallas to indict 50 Washington senators who advocated tougher gun laws in the United States States refuse and thus make their contribution to the American bloodbath.

“In the last 10 days, black retirees have been shot at a convenience store in Buffalo, Asian churchgoers in Southern California and now children are being murdered at school. When do we act?” Kerr asks. “I want everyone listening to this to think about their own child, grandchildren, mother, father, sister, brother: How would you feel if this happened to you today? We must not be dulled by this. We can’t sit here and read about it and say oh, ok, minute of silence. Go dubs! Come on Mavs! Let’s go! (…) It is to cry for! I’m fed up!” Kerr slams the edge of his right hand on the table and leaves. The world heard him. You can’t be so sure about the senators.


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