Gold for Víctor Canalejas and silver for Fátima Agudo at the Madrid Grand Prix

Double success for the Club Arqueros San Jorge de Cáceres in the Archery Grand Prix of Madrid, where Víctor Canalejas won the gold medal in the compound bow modality and Fátima Agudo the silver. She was also representing the Elena Rodríguez club from Cáceres, who was seventeenth, fourth in the team competition together with Canalejas.

He also attended the meeting Ibn Marwan from Badajoz with Juan Selles (position 56) and Juan Carlos Moreno (62). In addition, Pedro Miguel Fernández (9), Antonio Fernández (17), Rafael Tejada (17), Rubén García (49), Fernando Miguel Naranjo (51), Henar Quintano (6) and Sara Vázquez (17) competed in recurve bow.

One of the goalkeepers of the Halcón Blanco club during the Extremadura 3D Championship. ASSIGNED

Coinciding with this competition, the Extremadura 3D Championship in Villanueva de la Vera. In traditional bow, Javier Rodríguez del Arco (Ibn Marwan) prevailed; in Longbow, Manuel González (Club Sansonia); in composite, Roberto Rodríguez (Arco Plasencia). By teams, the best was the Halcón Blanco club.

The goalkeepers who will represent Extremadura in the Spanish Championship, from June 16 to 18, in Soutomaior, Pontevedra, have come out of this competition.



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