Giro winner Jai Hindley: “Winning the Tour is my ultimate dream” | giro

Hindley stayed in Italy for a while after his Giro victory to enjoy some holiday. But the 26-year-old Australian also made time for the press. The journalists especially wanted to know what his plans are now after this first victory in a big round.

“I’ve never ridden the Tour and am looking forward to doing so someday,” Hindley said. “This is my fifth professional year and the Tour could be my next big goal. It would be a huge step forward, but I don’t think I would aim for a classification right away in my first participation.”

“I just really want to ride the Tour, see what that race gives. I don’t know when, maybe next year, at least not this year. I normally start in the Vuelta in the summer.”

And does he think about the yellow jersey? “Of course, why not? I’m not going to say no to that. It would be the ultimate dream for me as a rider and I’m not going to say it’s impossible. You have to have goals in mind, although I want to enjoy it a bit first of my Giro victory.”

Hindley’s compatriot Cadel Evans won the Tour in 2011. “We rode a few races in Belgium during that period, but there was also time to travel to France and support. That was incredible. It’s already special to watch the Tour on television, but to follow such a stage on the side of the road is very special, I have very good memories of it and later it turned out that it was the Tour that won Cadel, that is a memory for life Cadel being the first Australian to win the Tour was a big moment for cycling in Australia.”


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