Gabe Kapler shares passionate, authoritative thoughts on beards and mustaches –

The baseball season is very long, which means media representatives have plenty of time to hang out with their interviewees. Unlike the NFL, and to a lesser extent the NBA, not every media appearance needs to be squeezed for every tiny bit of complicated information possible. Sometimes reporters, players, and managers can just hang out and shoot the cops to build positive relationships and enjoy themselves without feeling like it’s a waste of time.

Hopefully that helps explain why San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler spent time today speaking to the media about a topic he’s clearly passionate about: beards and mustaches. Specifically, Kapler wanted to reaffirm his firm belief that whoever has a beard also has a mustache and can therefore be considered a participant in Mustache May.

It should be noted that Kapler sports a beard and may show some bias.

If you have a full beard, do you also have a mustache? Kap has some thoughts ??

– SF Giants auf NBCS (@NBCSGiants) Mai 003,

Personally, I’ve never encountered this problem because I’ve only ever grown a beard OR a mustache. Never both at the same time. Mainly because I can’t grow a freaking mustache and unfortunately my beard turns red the longer it gets, which is very at odds with my very dark brown hair. But I have to say that I’m on Kapler’s side here. Mustaches and beards are two different things. That’s why we have different words for them. Just because the mustache merges with the beard doesn’t mean it ends its existence as a mustache.

Kapler is wrong when he says it’s like the hot dog sandwich question. This is much more cut and dry. But I appreciate the tone he’s striking. Very firm in his belief that he is right.


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