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Professional esports team “TEQWING e-SportsIs the Apex Legends tournament “ReSCUPAnnounced that it will be held on June 3, 2022 (Friday)!
ReSCUP is a tournament that combines real sports and e-sports, so not only professional gamers and streamers who are active in e-sports, but also real sportsAthletes also participateTo do.

What is ReSCUP?

competition summary

RaSCUP is a tournament with the theme of fusion of real sports and e-sports.Athletes“WhenVTuber, streamer, professional gamerIs a tournament where teams form a team and compete in Apex Legends.
ReSCUP is unusual for an esports tournamentA total of more than 20 professional athletes participatedTo do.

List of contestants

List of contestants
List of contestants
  • Riu Domura (musician), venom vomiting (Vtuber), Kenji Hilke (professional basketball player)
  • Makio (streamer), Aki Hinano (Vtuber), Tsubasa Kurihara (professional basketball player)
  • Black light turtle (Vtuber), Nekozaki Yor (Vtuber), Mitsuda Jotaro (professional basketball player)
  • Tomorou (Vtuber, professional gamer), Onigami Iyo (Vtuber), Yudai Maemura (professional basketball player)
  • Bunta Yabu (Vtuber), Yuki Mura (Vtuber), Takaaki Kida (Professional basketball player)
  • Destroyer (Vtuber), Tan Ako Masuyama (Vtuber), Akira Komazawa (Professional basketball player)
  • Witch Dali Sweet (Vtuber), Ryaka Suzumoto (Vtuber), Hiroshi Oikawa (Professional 3X3 player)
  • Orange Star Uruka (Vtuber), Shiroganesion (Vtuber), Dasilba Hisashi (Professional Basketball Player)
  • Reine Yasakura (Vtuber), Kirin Hoshiga (Vtuber), Ayumu Yamanashi (Professional basketball player)
  • Teru Maleka (Vtuber), Lux (Vtuber), Yasumaki Miyakoshi (Professional basketball player)
  • Totoro Akagi (Vtuber), Hiroya Gun (Professional Volleyball Player), Kaisei Hirai (Professional Volleyball Player)
  • Yukika Hiroya (Vtuber), Ayaka Suko (Vtuber), Yurina Watanabe (basketball player)
  • Tell (Vtuber), Watase Tanu (Vtuber), Shin Nishimura (Professional volleyball player)
  • Nei Tsukisaki (Vtuber), Kohei Yanagisawa (Professional Volleyball Player), Taichi Fukuyama (Professional Volleyball Player)
  • Natsuki Mikoto (Vtuber), Hidaka Konbu (Vtuber), Toshifumi Kawamitsu (Professional basketball player)
  • Panma 1938 (Vtuber), Yasushi Tsujiguchi (former professional volleyball player), Kaiki Hojo (professional basketball player)
  • Ayumu Mitsuha (Vtuber), Nagion Mochi Hunger (Vtuber), Kotaro Kuoka (Professional basketball player)
  • Shirono (Vtuber), Mikane Haruhara (Vtuber), Daimu Terazawa (Professional basketball player)
  • Riyo Yatsuki (Vtuber), Riaya Shigure (Vtuber), Takumi Furuno (Professional basketball player)
  • Zarlox (Pro Gamer), Rossoful (Pro Gamer)

RaSCUP will start broadcasting from 20:00 on June 3rd (Friday)!

Live / Yut Commentary / Kon-chan
Live / Yut Commentary / Kon-chan

RaSCUPJune 3, 2022 (Gold) 20:00fromTEQWING YouTubeBroadcast started at!
YuT (Caster Division) belonging to Radical Pop Gaming@rpg_yut), Also belongs to Radical Pop Gaming in the commentary, Kon-chan (new coach of APEX department)Kontyan_115) Appears. It will liven up this tournament to the fullest.
In addition, for the winning teamAmazon gift certificate for 30,000 yenAnd as a supplementary prizeCrystal trophyWill be presented!

Crystal trophy
Crystal trophy

ReSCUP where athletes and streamers gather, it seems that the number of players who know for the first time and who will like it will increase!
For information on this tournamentTEQWING e-Sports Official TwitterIt will be sent at, so follow it and don’t miss it!

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