Freedom with charges for three Barça radicals for assaulting Espanyol fans

BarcelonaThree radical Barça fans, members of the Boixos Nois, have been released on charges after being arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra for their alleged involvement in an attack on Espanyol fans on November 28, 2021 in the bar Los Cazadores , close to Cornellà-El Prat. According to police sources, police officers arrested three members on April 26 who were part of a “violent faction linked to the far-right ideology” and three other people are listed as being investigated for the same facts, which is why have been summoned to testify.

The detainees allegedly took part in the destruction of the aforementioned bar and in the attacks on several people, supporters of Espanyol, who were at the time at the time, a few minutes before the match between Espanyol and Real Sociedad. According to ARA, there were a dozen Boixos Nois who went to the bar in different cars and took by surprise several white-and-blue fans who dined at the establishment. The attack left at least a couple injured, with serious injuries (a boy of about 18 years and a girl), and significant material damage to the premises. The assailants were carrying hammers and clubs, according to some witnesses.

Investigators say the attack was in response to an attack by detainees a few days earlier by radical Benfica fans (who had visited the Camp Nou on November 23) with the help of some radical supporters of Espanyol. After going to court, the detainees have been released on charges. Only one of the assailants has been charged with the precautionary measure of not approaching within 500 meters of the victims and the bar where the events took place.



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