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Wednesday 11 May 2022 at 08:00Badminton in North Jutland found

Frank was surprised at his workplace with trophy and title. Photo: Badminton in North Jutland

By Lone K. Hansen

Badminton in North Jutland found the Ildsjl 2022 court in Rosendal

Badminton in North Jutland has circled Ildsjl 2022, which became Frank Olesen from Rosendal Badminton.

Frank is both chairman and coach of the club.

Congratulations to Frank with the great title.

Badminton in North Jutland
Since 2015, Badminton Denmark and DGI Badminton have worked closely together towards Vision 25-50-75 (Move For Life). In continuation of the collaboration, the new common identity was created under the name Badminton in North Jutland.
The goal is that 50% of Danes are members of a sports association, and 75% of the population are physically active by 2025.

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Hobro and surroundings


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