First NBA 2K23 news in July, play as a partner of the NBA Summer League

Next Friday, 2K and the NBA 2K development team will release Season 7 of NBA 2K22. The new season, like others, will feature new content for MyTeam, as well as The City and The Neighborhood. Still, it’s not too early to start looking forward, not just to Season 7. Thanks to a tweet from the NBA 2K Social Team, we now know when to expect information on the next installment in the title: NBA 2K23.

Today, the NBA and 2K Sports confirmed via Twitter that the NBA Summer League, held shortly after the NBA Draft and showcasing the league’s up-and-coming rookies and youngsters, will be back for another year. This year, however, the league has a new name.

For 2022, the circuit that features all 30 NBA teams will be known as the NBA 2K23 Summer League. This is thanks to a new partnership deal between the gaming franchise and the federation.

In the same tweet, the league and NBA 2K confirmed that the first official information on NBA 2K23 will be released in July. This month has traditionally been the period in which 2K releases the first information about its annual release for some time. Last year, on July 14th, 2K Sports revealed the cover art for NBA 2K22 and confirmed that it would launch on consoles both legacy and current two months later in September. In 2020, 2K released the covers for the old and current generation games in early July.

2K has not specified when the first information about NBA 2K23 will be released in July. If the announcement happens, it’s almost certain that it will include a release date, editions and console information, as well as who will be on the cover of 2K23. NBA 2K22 features Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic on the cover. He could have back-to-back years with the Mavs going on a deep playoff run, although 2K might opt ​​for someone like back-to-back MVP Nikola Jokic or a young star storming through the league at Ja Morant.



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