First Judo Cadet Cup

Last Saturday, the First Judo Cadet Cup was held in the Extremaduran city of Don Benito, in the province of Badajoz, scoring for the Spanish Judo Championship in the male and female cadet category.

The Autonomous City of Melilla participated with the male cadet team of the Federative School of the Melilla Judo Federation.

Four ‘cradle’ judokas attended, since these athletes have been practicing this sport since they were very young and some of them came from caste. They were led by Antonio Lomeña Colomera, 6th Dan National Master and regional judo referee, head coach and Director of the Melilla Federative School.

The competitors gave the correct weight after the first weigh-in and therefore did not have to go to the official weigh-in.

melillese judokas

In principle, it must be meant that two of the Melillan competitors arrived at the event after being inactive, the case of Hugo Lomeña who had just come out of a collarbone injury and Sergio Cuadrado, who had been inactive after having passed the Covid-19.

Unai Muñoz Moreno -55Kg. fell in the first round. After taking the fight won by waza-ari and two shidos against him, his opponent applied a technique that caught him and lost by ippon. He performed a very intelligent and conservative judo, but he did not have the possibility of being repechado.

Hugo Lomeña Molina -66kg. he also fell in the first round, since he faced last year’s champion. From the first moment the champion did not give him respite despite the fact that Hugo endured the two innings, but in the third he was deceived with a good chain of techniques performed by the champion. like Unai, he did not have the possibility of being re-fished.

Sergio Cuadrado Segura -73Kg. He also fell in the first round but was able to be picked up and went on to the next phase, in which when his opponent was called for the third time and did not appear, Sergio went to the next phase and fell when he was knocked down. He was the competitor from Melilla who went the furthest.

Jorge Fernandez Serrano -81Kg. he fell in the first round and did not have the chance to be picked up.



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