Find out! These are the winners of the #L’Etape Edoméx cycling competition, in #Metepec

Metepec/State of Mexico

Nearly 1,500 cyclists painted a multicolored caravan in the third edition of L´Etape State of Mexico By Le Tour de France 2022. The activity was carried out in the Bicentennial Environmental Park, MetepecState of Mexico, whose activity passed through several Mexican municipalities.

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In L’Etape State of Mexico Cyclists participated in five categories and three routes: sprint stage (40 km), short (75 km) and long (111 km).

The winners of the long stage in the women’s category were Ana Sofía Zárate Verá, in the place of honor; Adela Covarrubias Acosta, in second and Daniela González, in third place. In the men’s category, Luis Álvarez was first, Alfonso Mayer, second and Miguel Ángel Díaz was third.

While, in the women’s short route, Ariana León García, Fernanda Gutiérrez and Grecia Reynoso, won first, second and third place, respectively. In the men’s branch, the winners were Víctor Álvarez (1st), Javier Albarrán (2nd) and Alfredo Vencis (3rd). After the award ceremony, L’Etape concluded with the traditional victory toast.

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