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FIFA opened a disciplinary procedure in relation to the possible breach by soccer player Byron Castillo of the call criteria for eight games that he played with the Ecuadorian team in the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The international organization “has invited the Ecuadorian Federation and the Peruvian Football Federation (Chilean, in case of fallen branches) to present their positions before the FIFA Disciplinary Committee”, he indicated in a statement published this Wednesday.

FIFA thus responds to a complaint filed by the Chilean Federation before that Disciplinary Commission, in which it presented allegations about the possible falsification of the documents that grant Ecuadorian nationality to Castillo.

Chile in Qatar 2022: Another attempt to ‘get through the window’ to a FIFA World Cup?

The Ecuadorian team qualified directly for the World Cup, along with those of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, unlike others such as Colombia, Chile and Peru (repechage).

The Peruvian team, which finished fifth behind the Ecuadorian, will play a playoff.

The defender was lined up by the Tricolor coach, Gustavo Alfaro, for the two games against Paraguay and Chile and on one occasion against Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and Argentina, key games for the team to achieve one of the direct quotas for the World Cup .

The Chilean Federation denounced on May 5 that there is “countless evidence that the player was born in Colombia.”

For Ecuador “it doesn’t make sense to fall into this media game” because of the Byron Castillo issue, Carlos Manzur replies to Chile’s newspaper

“The investigations carried out in Ecuador, including a legal report from the National Directorate of Civil Registry, declared the existence of inconsistencies in the birth certificate presented by the player”, affirmed this organization, which accused the Ecuadorian Federation of having “full knowledge” of the irregularities.

A possible sanction from FIFA could imply the deduction of points from Ecuador for the matches that Castillo played, which would alter the list of classifieds.

FIFA receives complaint from Chile about Byron Castillo case

A legal technical report from the Civil Registry of Ecuador states that the birth registration of Byron Castillo in Playas (Guayas) does not appear in the volume, page and certificate requested, according to an official document to which EFE had access.

What’s next in the case?

The opening of a file refers to the set of documents that make up a procedure, whether judicial, administrative or police. The beginning of any procedure, of any kind, begins with the formation of that file, in which basic data is collected at the beginning.

“We cannot accept that a crime be validated,” says Eduardo Carlezzo, a lawyer from Chile, about the Byron Castillo case

The parties summoned by FIFA have ten days to present a first round of allegations in the Castillo case, according to information from the newspaper The country (Spain), which adds: “If there is no second round of allegations and FIFA does not request further documentary evidence, this will be resolved at the end of May or beginning of June. If the process were delayed, the resolution, which may be appealed first to the World Body’s Appeals Committee and then to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, could be known as of the second week of June.” (D)



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