Fantastic badminton in Bjergby-Mygdal – Nordsø

Friday night there were 54 children and an adult for the Family party in Bjergby-Mygdal Hallen.

– A super good day in the hall with lots of good badminton and not least a lot of fun. We ended up in the cafeteria with pizza, soda and some coffee for the parents, says René Thomsen.

The club also had players for the competition in Rønde and Hørning this weekend.

On Friday, Laurits was at a convention in Rønde.

  • Laurits wins Gold in U13B mix double together with Frida from Højbjerg.
  • Laurits wins Gold in U13B men’s doubles together with Malthe Pedersen from Frederikshavn.

On Saturday and Sunday, Laurits, Kristoffer and Malthe attended a convention in Hørning.

  • Laurits wins Gold in U13B men’s double with x partner.
  • Laurits wins silver in U13B men’s singles.
  • Kristoffer wins Silver U11 A in men’s singles.
  • Kristoffer wins silver in U11A mix double with Ellen-Marie from Aalborg Triton.
  • Kristoffer wins Bronze in U11A men’s doubles with Simon from Holstebro.

Malthe Arne Sørensen played some good and close matches in U15M.

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