Expelled, Marquese Chriss and Bismack Biyombo warm up in the locker room hallway

When the match is folded, and we have taken a big spanking, we hardly appreciate that the opponent plays the last possession… Last night, Bismack Biyombo went up to the dunk a few seconds from the end, and Marquese Chriss did everything to prevent it.

The clash is spectacular, and Marquese Chriss said what he thought of the substitute center for Phoenix. The tone is raised. Their teammates got involved, and when it was thought the incident was over after their ejections, the Maverick ran down the hall to the Suns locker room to have a talk with Bismack Biyombo.

“Everything that happened was extra-sporting. I have nothing to say about this. I understand how stormy it can be” in Montreal Williams. “We just want to win the game and that’s it. We are trying to get one more win. And that’s our goal for now. »

For his part, Deandre Ayton preferred to laugh: “ I would have liked to be involved in that. I needed this energy. It was super intense. Both teams give it their all. It’s like that… »

While Ish Wainwright and Sterling Brown also had to be separated, Luka Doncic had this thought: “ Guys play tough when they win… »

For the record, it was Cam Johnson who finally fired Bismack Biyombo’s free throws. History to make a round count: +30.



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